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the gain continues


Maggie and I are now a couple. It's been great. We've gone out to eat just about everyday, and we're closer than ever. Maggie has continued to pack on the extra pounds and I love it. I realized that the bigger she got, the more attractive she became. As long as she's happy and this whole weight thing doesn't get out of hand, I'm content.
"Hey Mark" Maggie greeted me from her front porch. I was picking her up to go clothes shopping with her. She was thick. She was wearing a tight gray sweater that was tucked into her jeans. Her arms were a little flabby, her boobs stuck out further than her belly, but her gut did bulge out a little. Her thighs were inseparable. Every step she took was rubbed against the other. Her hips were wider than ever. She almost had to waddle a little bit. Her fat ass stretched out her yoga pants to reveal a thong. Her chin was no longer defined. She had to have gained at least 20lbs since we started dating.
When we entered the fitting room there was a scale. And a large mirror. We both undressed.
"Damn Mark! Your making me look bad with your chiseled bod," Maggie joked as she grabbed her muffin top. I stepped on the scale..."165lbs" it read.
"Wow I've put on 10 pounds!" I lied to make her feel like I was in the same situation as she was. "Say how much do you weigh?" I asked.
"Well last time I checked I was 115, but that was during season. Now it's probably not good. I've been really letting myself go." She disclaimed as he stepped on the scale. It read "147lbs"
"What the hell?? That can't be right. 32 pounds?! How am I supposed to play volleyball next year??" She looked at herself in the mirror...
She grabbed her belly and shook it up and down. She grabbed her boobs, and she had the look of fear in her face. She then turned around to see her fat ass. It sagged down more than before due to the extra weight. It was wide. She lifted it up then let go of it to see it jiggle up and down. Then her look of worry changed into curiosity.
"I'm sooo big." She said almost as if she was excited about it. She pulled up her new size 10 jeans.
"I thought you were getting size 8s?" I asked confused." She smiled at me.
"Nah it's okay, I'll grow into these just fine." This turned me on.
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Thicc 1 year
Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.
Fine tale which proves the pint that realistic stories don't need artifices like weight gain powder, magic and bondage to be appealing. Hope to see more works from you!
LevelUP 1 year
Really good work ! smiley i think Mark can add gain powder in her plates or other thing like that and make her ass huge smiley smiley
Great start, keep up the good work! 👍