new friends

chapter 1

Asha walks at a leisurely pace down the sidewalk. It's 87 degrees out at 4:50 PM. Asha is making her way to the bar she works at as a bartender. Contrary to what some may think, bartending can be a lonely profession. Sure, you talk to a lot of people on the job, but you don't see most of them for more than a few minutes. The fact that nearly all of your clientele are drunk doesn't really help either. Despite this, it's not the worst job ever. Especially because you never know who you might meet during your shift.
7:30 PM, Asha is wiping some spilled alcohol off the bar counter when, over the loud music playing, she hears the door open and a group of four girls comes in. She keeps her gaze on the group as they come in, the first three coming in and then standing around the door. Slightly behind them in pace, a fourth girl comes in. She notices her dark green hair shining in the sun coming through the door, her glowing face, and finally her size. This girl has to be at least 150 pounds bigger than the others in her group, probably putting her at around 300 pounds.
She waves at the group, telling them that she's ready to take any orders they have. The girls walk over and sit at the bar. The first three girls order a shot of whiskey each. "And for you?" She gestures at the larger of the four.
"I'm pretty hungry," the girl starts, followed by protests from her friends. "But don't you want to go out on the dancefloor with us?" One asks. "Yeah," another chimes in, "maybe you'll find a nice guy who'll take you home!" Asha notices the larger girl's eyes roll at the last comment.
"Guys, I'm fine. I'll meet up with you there in a bit," she says as her group starts to wander over towards the music and flashing lights. "Sorry about them," she shakes her head, "they think I want to dance? Let alone with some random dude? I'm gay, I don't want to dance with any guys..." Asha's eyes light up at this. "I'm gay too! I get you, my old friends always wanted to set me up with weird guys." The green-haired girl smiles and orders a plate of buffalo wings and a coke.
A few hours later, the green-haired girl (who Asha learned was named Sofia) is sitting at the bar in front of Asha, her friends long gone. The girls have been talking the whole time, they really seemed to hit it off well. Sofia was on her third plate of food and had started ordering cocktails. "I'm sorry," she says as she wipes her face off, "you probably think I'm a pig. I didn't realize I'd eaten so much!" Asha shakes her head. "Don't worry, I don't mind at all. You're great company!" Sofia smiles, looking towards the menu on the wall. "In that case, I'll try one of your cheeseburgers and some fries!"
Another hour passes, and Asha starts putting away some of her stuff. "What's going on? You going somewhere?" Sofia looks at Asha, a little sad to have to end her conversation with her new friend. "Yeah," Asha says as she takes off her apron, "my shift is ending right about now."
"Oh..." Sofia says, looking forlornly at the other woman. "Hey, get that look off your face." Asha walks around the counter and stands by Sofia. "If you want we could..." She pauses, putting her arms behind her back. "W-we could... continue the conversation somewhere else?" Sofia's face lights up and she springs up. "HELL YEAH! I know a really good restaurant just down the street we could go to!" Asha walks out with her new friend, a light blush on her face. 'Am I crushing on her?' She wonders as they walk out.
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Jazzman 1 year
Really good! I'm hoping the skinny girl gains.Or a flashback to Sofia havibg been slim.Or Both!
bradypig 1 year
Excellent, please keep going!
Good story i like how asha os coming to terms with what she likes.