overstuffed and over-loved

chapter 1 - wake up, hon

Despite being in the relaxing silence of a quiet summer afternoon, the resounding sound of an overstuffed belly dominated it. Those sounds came from Ally, a morbidly obese girl of 23 years who had been stuck on a sofa for nearly four entire hours, stuffed nearly to capacity by her friend turned feeder, Daffney. The front few inches of the belly rested on the edge of the table in front of it. On it were two empty gallon jugs of milk and a half-eaten sheet cake from a supermarket.

The bloated, distended, dimple-laden double-gut was brimming with a crescendo of constant gurgles, glorps, and bubbling growls of a digestive system being pushed to Its limit. It was obvious that despite her belly's already-large size, it was extremely bloated. Ally's sweatpants failed in their job of supporting the lower roll of her gut, having been torn and stretched at the center before eventually succumbing to the mass and sliding underneath, leaving it to rest on her legs and have the center of it droop in between. On top, her normally well-covered top roll had pushed the shirt upward, piling up several inches above the bloated shelf of fat. The pit of flesh that buried her navel was taut from the pressure of two gallons of milk mixed with hand-fed cake, brimming with so much mass that even the slightest movement or action against it made it gently jiggle.

Though Ally seemed to be nearly comatose, she was merely in a deep state of meditative euphoria, cracking a small smile that emanating a gentle hum of satisfaction and comfort as she gently breathed. Aside from the incredibly stimulating sensations that her bloated belly and digestion provided, she was also lost in the sounds of it. The pod of a stethescope was buried in between the rolls of her distended belly, the tube reaching upward into the headphones stuck over her ears. This was one of her usual post-stuffing methods of relaxation, using the amplified sounds of her belly churning food into fat as a means of de-stressing from the often overwhelming experience.

Daffney sauntered into the room, carrying in her hand a large device that looked like a small lampost with a plum-sized stub on top. She checked the power of the batteries, flicking the switch and smiling at the sight of a full charge. With this, she planned to give her feedee friend a big reward for surprising her in the bathroom hours earlier on the scale. Expecting her to only have gained 5 pounds since she had last came by for a weigh-in three weeks ago, she was enamored with Ally's effort when she showed a weight of 342.8, meaning she brought with her a nearly 11 pound gain. Obviously, a reward was in store.

She sat down beside Ally, the cushion raised due to her feedees weight, placing the vibrator on the table and reaching over to give Ally a gentle but stirring shake of her belly. "Sweetie, sweetie? Time to wake up, I think an hour should be enough time for you to regain your composure." Ally began to slowly come back out of her trance, yawning and turning her head to look at Daffney affectionately, greeting her with a labored smile as she was helped into an upward position. As she rested her hands on the cushion, her belly released a sharp, loud pang of digestion, making her wince a bit as it subsided into softening growls. She giggled a bit, blushing heavily, licking off the dried frosting that lined her lips. Daffney cracked a warm smile of pure affection, giving Ally's belly a few gently shakes and jostles on the side, stimulating the dearth of milk and cake within.

Whatever had not already been processed into fresh layers of fat began to surge inside, the viscous lumpy mixture of dairy and cake flowing around her belly with currents of soothing flows and ebbs. This started to make her gut ripple a bit from the volume of matter within her, triggering a series of prolonged digestive cacophonies.

Emanating from the bloated mass of her belly were very audible gurgles, sloshes and powerful pangs that sent Ally into a state of soothing yet powerful physical bliss, making her throw her head back as she chirped out groans of satisfaction. Keeping rhythm with the shaking motions of her hand, Daffney simply kept her smile, pleased to see her bloated big in the throes of an orgasmic surge of belly-borne stimulation. "No matter how many times you come to me for this, you never fail to impress me with the stamina your gluttony has provided you, and through which I have reared you to enhance with each measurement of growth your capacity grants." Now brimming with as much pride as she had adoration for Ally, she was rather proud of her work today, relishing in the fact that she perfected the art of bloating someone with comfort food to limits they could not even imagine they had, but as a result have them gain a substantial amount of fat and weight as a result.

(Work in progress, updated soon.)
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rUfatyet2 3 months
This is soooo hot. Awesome style.
Marvelous story! Very erotic.
bradypig 10 months
Excellent, please write more !