the adornment of a girl turned pig

a pig for her masses

"Pig, words cant express how proud I am of you. I dont need to command you to do this with a sense of positivity, your desire for this and insistence on the method speaks loudly enough. I hope you're ready for the reward we have planned for the rest of the day, but for now, concentrate on conveying as much as you can to the audience. This will be seen by just about every single feeder and fat over the internet can amass."

Her feeder kissed her deeply on the lips, patting the wide expanse of her belly as she went behind the camera and flicked it on.

The livestream started, and the pig came into view.Despite the fact that she was carrying a quarter ton of weight packed on with cascading layers of dense, doughy, blubber-like fat, Tammy was able to comfortably stand up on her two, cellulite-ridden legs in front of the camera set up in front of her.

As she saw she was now live, she grinned at the prospect of people not noticing her crude yet accurate costume-like outfit, but the large letters written across the front of her dual-belly flab-rolls with hot-pink lipstick, reading "FAT BLOATED PIG". Not so much that the crude representation was arousing, there just simply was no truer words you could now apply to her. The text was accented by the sheer number of cellulite-laden dimples that lined the edges of her belly, skin covered with indentations from the tautness of the stretched skin that was endlessly strained by the sheer amount of fat her belly carried.

Apart from the blunt label that was plastered on her gut, she dressed in a way that crudely, yet innocently embellished her new state of mind, but also her laconic, adorable disposition. Tammy was clad in a novelty t-shirt that was clearly too small for her body, stretched to it''s limits around her fat-inundated frame and terminating a few inches from the curved edge of her upper-shelf of belly fat. Emblazoned across the top, which did little to emphasize that her breasts were quite large and obviously swollen due to her lactation having become hyperactive, were the stretched out words spelling "FEED THE PIG". Under her belly a large pair of supportive underwear was doing It's best to hold up the entire mass bearing down on it, her lower shelves bulging from the rim of the undies, unable to be contained.

She felt this was was a necessary element to her physical presentation, and she also got a massive rush from the display, recalling the many times her feeder took her out on walks in a local park at peak activity, ensuring that she wore clothing she had outgrown to let the message peek out in plain view. Giving the general public a teasing look at her belly was fun enough, but making the message clear seemed like a mandatory addition.

She was giddy with excitement, partly because she finally reached her goal of amassing enough body fat to attain the weight of 500lbs. Through nearly four years of constant feeding, numerous bouts of belly stuffing, she had reached the nirvana peak of personal satisfaction and personally felt it came at no cost other than her time and efforts. Finally, looking dead at the camera with a face devoid of insecurity, she spoke.

"Hi, I'm Tammy, and I'm a pig. To you, I'm a human, but in my mind, heart, and stomach I am very much a pig. I eat like one, I sleep like one, and most importantly, I've fattened up to look like one."

The intro was breif, but the message was clear. Now, shed elaborate on the finer points of how she found this, lives it, and promotes it."

(WIP, more soon)
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Domfeeder14 9 months
It's a great start! Keep it going!