my first bbw gf

how we met

First Bbw GF

It was in 2011 when I first met this beauty, I've

always had taste for the plus size beauty's just

none really where I'm from I guess. I end meeting

this beauty on meet me when it was my yearbook.

we talk from time to time then began doing video

chat, in her pictures, she was obviously chubby but

couldn't really tell how tall or big she was in the pic.

I just made assumptions of it based on how big

her kitchen was, or door was.

but at these times I guess plus size feminism

wasn't a thing yet, but she was really self-conscious at times.

But she always had a sense of humor so she was

always in a good mood and I loved that. I would

buy her goodies and clothe's, I really got an idea

of what she was like when I ordered clothes for

her she was 3x in shirt and 28 in jeans. so I was

like shhh, she big and me like aha thought in my head.

but oh yeah why didn't I meet this girl yet she lived

all the way in long beach and I'm from a smaller

town in riverside and I did not drive at the time so

that sucked. but one day I got that chance

because my friend helped out another friend meet

someone up so I asked two friends to accompany

me and make the trip to go see her. I was nervous
as shit, will she like me, will my friends like her,

but at the time my friends didn't really know quite

what kinda girl attracts me so I was just going

with the flow to see how'd they react as well. So

we park a mile down at a park near her house.

Then she actually walks down with her mom it's

kinda weird but I don't think much of it, and

everything about her is so cute, her face is like her

in her pics but when you see her body in person

she's so wide. I don't mind, but she's actually

pretty flawless I hug her and she's so squishy and

barely can close my hands around her but I don't

mind, she was wearing a denim jacket white

glossy shirt with things on it and blue jeans and

we chat it up. and friends drop us off at the

movies. just admiring every part of her makes me

gasp. it was cool we sitting right next to each

other it's kinda my first time wrapping my arm

around a girl this wide but I don't mind she liked it.

as the basic movie dates go we eventually kiss

and we both loved every minute of it.
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