manning and sean

chapter 1 meeting manning

Sean was at college Sean is 21 6"7 180 he was at pe when that were weighing in and checking height. Then Sean saw a blonde girl in front of him she was 5"2 and 98 pounds. Sean goes up to her and says" hi my my is Sean what your name. She said" hi it's Manning. They got to know ethougth Manning was born in California and Sean was born in Canada. A whole year of knowing Manning Sean ask her to date her and for her to live with him. She said yes to both. Sean mutter " I'm going to have her be immobile". Day one Sean give her a pill that makes her hungry. 3 years later Manning is 275. Sean and Manning sit on the couch and Manning seat 4 claws come down and takes her hands and legs.a tube comes out. Manning says " what the fuck is happening". " You are going to be immobile" said Sean "but first let have sex then I'll let you free"."Ok" said Manning. Manning got on the floor. Sean takes off her pants and shirt then her bra. Sean squeeze her tits so hard then turn super red also lick her tits. Last with her boobs Sean suck on her tits till he feels milk. Next was her big big ass he squeeze it and slap it put his dick up it. Next was her pussy he lick it and put his dick in it. "Done " said Sean. Manning try getting up but couldn't Sean said" get up you 500 pound whale" "what" said Manning. Your my you can't leave the house. Sean help her up and push her in the chair next 1000 pounds. Her ass and tits over fuel next 5000 pounds final stop you fat pig. One day later Manning was 5000 pounds. She woke up thinking it was a nightmare but she could not get up good morning my piggy. Her ass was 3000 pounds her tits were 1000 pounds her belly was 1000 pounds. Sean says " now your not a slutty teen now your a big blob of beauty fat". This got to be a dream I'm only 25 and I'm 5000 pounds. This was Manning last word before her fat cover her mouth. No no it not a dream my fat ass piggy I remember when you were a skinny bitch now you are an your lesson your last lesson. Hahahahaha. The end
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Fatty123 11 months
Ok thanks this was posted to be a fast one
chrisart 11 months
You have a lot of elements for a really good story. this is just rushed. It's almost like an outline.
go back and put in moredetails and a longer timeline please