In this world everyone is Special and extremely unique with each and everyone of us having our own unique ability-
I stared out of the window and though about how boring life would be like without an ability, it would probably be a simple life, but as I said before - boring as hell. Even though I didn't have the "coolest" of abilities it was still a useful one, to me at least. I landed with a thud back into reality, oh that's right :( I'm in class, I felt bored so I looked around for something entertaining but found Sky - my girlfriend sitting in the back row, she was quite thin and had a nice round ass sticking out behind her with two large boobs on top to keep her centre of gravity, well, er... centred. Her red hair fell down to just beneath her shoulders with beautiful beach-y waves flowing through it, "man" I thought "I am really lucky to be dating her, even if she isn't the hottest girl in school. But I loved her because she isn't a snob or a slut and, because we both love gaining!" My thoughts were cut short by the bell, indicating that it was time to eat! When I got my lunch (chicken nuggets and salad) I went over to the table with my friends, Ace who's ability is pyrokinesis (meaning he can create and control fire), Rate who's ability is SuperSpeed!, Wild who's ability is telekinesis (he can move objects with his mind) and Sky who's ability is time control, I could over hear that they were arguing wether pineapple should go on pizza or not (it should), as I sat down next to Sky I joined in on the argument, which turned into our own little food fight, which then got the whole cafeteria involved -_-. While everyone in the cafeteria was distracted Sky grabbed my hand and pulled me into the unisex bathroom. As I looked around I saw how clean this bathroom was "come on Max let's have some fun" she giggled, her boobs really bounce around when she giggles! "use your ability while I've slowed down time! I really wanna get big this time!"


I'll bet you're still wondering what my ability is, well my unique ability is...
To Be Continued

Sorry it's so short guys but if I get 1000 views I'll upload the rest of
The chapters at once (I'll be releasing them once a day until then)

PS this is just the intro so all the good stuff comes later on.
Sorry for the slow start
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Hmm I wasnít quite sure what I should do for the conclusion but thanks for your feedback!

If you donít mind could you pm me and help me with my conclusions as Iím not that good at them and would like some help

Iíll start writing the sequel and sta
Ryan100000 2 years
You can do better then this for this chapter I still love the story and would love a continuation of it
Youíll just have to wait for the conclusion
How big has she gotten in a month?
I'm glad you like it so far.

I'm not too good at writing so being my first story I am fully open to any critism/feedback anyone has
Interesting start. I'm inclined to see where this leads.