I'll bet you're still wondering what my ability is, well my unique ability is the ability to change and "mould" living things to any shape and size I want! Including myself. Which is why I said before that this ability was useful to me
"use your ability while I've slowed down time! I really wanna get big this time!" She said "sure thing Sky ;)" I pulled her into a cuddle and slowly moved my hands down before placing them on her ass and using my ability. Instantly her thighs and butt started to grow I turned her around so she was now facing away from me,as I kept letting her lower half grow I slid my hands under her shirt I placed them onto her stomach slowly letting it start to expand, I then grabbed her breasts and let them grow before me. I kept her close to me as she fattened up, her thighs were getting quite thick now, I could tell that these jeans weren't going to hold out much longer, I turned her so that she now faced me when I looked down at her slowly expanding belly I saw that it had started to flop over her jeans, I grabbed it and gave her a belly a rub, she let out a soft moan and cried for more. It was so soft and getting bigger by the second. When I looked up at her breasts I saw that they were about the size of two watermelons! and her "shirt" had been turned into a stretched out bra that was still barley staying intact. I jumped at the sound of a snap I looked down to see Sky's jeans had given up on her and her shirt wasn't far off! She looked as though she weighed about 340lbs now! Her ever-expanding belly and thighs engulfed her panties but didn't stop there! No I needed her to be bigger, fatter... sexier! After her shirt and bra snapped I stopped to look at her, her thighs were almost as wide as half a door, and her belly looked as though she had been expecting triplets for 9 months now! Her two massive boobs were larger than beach balls and her ass was about as big as two basket balls! She moaned for more but I told her that I had used most of my energy getting her this big and sexy. I grabbed the massive belly that was lying on the ground and gave it a squeeze and a rub and just lied on it for a bit.


Eventually I shrunk her back to her not-as-sexy-but-still-really-sexy self again and...
To Be Continued
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You can do better then this for this chapter I still love the story and would love a continuation of it
Youíll just have to wait for the conclusion
How big has she gotten in a month?
I'm glad you like it so far.

I'm not too good at writing so being my first story I am fully open to any critism/feedback anyone has
Interesting start. I'm inclined to see where this leads.