a dream come true

chapter 1

I throw down my pencil in exasperation and lean against my pillow, a bored sigh escaping from my lips.
There he was, my dream guy in his perfectly round glory standing at my bedroom door.
I try not to, but I stare. His shirt is loose, but tight enough that it's clinging to a roll of fat on his stomach. "Hey. What's up Connor?"
He waddles in and awkwardly stands next to my bed frame, leaning up against it.
I would offer for him to sit on my bed with me, but it might collapse with his weight combined with mine. Then again, I'm tiny - a hundred pounds, but that clearly would add up with his 200 (plus) pounds.
He looks around, tugging on his shirt slightly. "Uh.... nothing."
I shoot him a quick smile. "Well, was there something you needed? Where is Matt?"
Matt is my brother, which is the reason why Connor is over at my house. This is the first time he's been over, unfortunately. We're friendly, but Im too shy, I would never invite him to my home. Luckily, Matt is friends with him.
"He has some work to do or something. He said I could help but I wanted to come say hi to you... if that's fine."
"Of course. Sit." I pat the spot next to me on my twin sized bed. Having him break the bed would be definitely worth the risk - as well as the hottest thing ever.
"Ah I don't know..."
"Come on, it's fine. We can just chill."
He tentatively takes a seat next to me, gingerly releasing his weight. I wonder how many pounds he actually does have packed on his wide frame.
There was a few good inches between us, a space that I desperately wanted to fill.
"I like your room," he states awkwardly.
I giggle. "Thanks, Connor."
His chubby cheeks turn a dark shade of red, and part of me wonders if complimenting him back would turn that round face to the colour of a fire hydrant. "I'm sure your room is nice too," I add hastily.
He laughs, "if you don't mind a carpet of clothes on the floor."
If they're all the size of that shirt you're wearing, then yes, I thought.
I bite my lip as I watched him lean back against my daybed, his shirt riding up just enough to expose a bit of his tanned gut.
He doesn't seem to notice, so it remains in the open.
I open my mouth to say something, but can't find the words. All I could think about was taking off the shirt and feeling his soft belly.
I snap out of it and look back up into his dark eyes. "What?"
He glances down and tugs at his shirt. "Sorry, I know..."
I tilt my head in confusion. "Why on earth are you sorry?"
"I know I'm not attractive. I'm sorry."
"If you're talking about your shirt, it's more than fine. I'm not judgemental." Well, I'm judging you for hiding your fat stomach, but other than that...
"Thanks, but I know how most people see me."
"You know that I'm not most people."
Connor stares at my blue eyes, his own narrowing slightly. "You don't mind how I look?"
I want to say, 'I LOVE THE WAY YOU LOOK.' But I don't. Instead, I say, "not at all."
He continues to keep his eyes focused on mine, then glances back down to his stomach in dismay.
"I promise," I add, cautiously taking his hand and placing it on his large gut. "Look, this isn't ugly." I let my hand rest on his rolls, like a shelf holding multiple books. I slowly rub it, moving my hand on his round stomach in circles.
His face is officially the reddest I've ever seen, a shade brighter than the sun during the summer solstice. "I-I, uh, um.."
"Sorry. Is this uncomfortable for you? I just want to prove that-"
He closes the space between us, shifting over to me. In the process, the bed lets out a loud groan.
"Oops," he whispers.
My hand is still on his belly, now motionless.
"Thanks for making me feel better."
"I'm always here for you," I whisper back.
He doesn't move my hand away. He takes my other one and places it on the other side of his stomach. "You can touch it if you want. No one ever has."
"You don't mind?"
"Usually I would. Right now, with you... no."
I rub his tummy in circular motions, giving it the love it deserves.
Suddenly, with his own hand, he puts it under my chin and tilts my face towards his. "Ari..."
"Yes?" I ask breathily, letting my hands sink into his soft rolls.
"Can I kiss you?"
I let my fingers glide across his large belly, desperately wishing I could slip them under his white shirt.
I don't respond, I just stare into his eyes, eagerly waiting. Waiting like I have for months and months.
He pulls me in and kisses me on my lips, a brief but sweet moment.
"I'm sorry.... I-I..."
"Don't be sorry."
"I am, it was inappropriate... you're my friend's sister."
"Connor?" Matt calls, rushing into my room. "Hey you two." He gives me a strange look then proceeds to talk to his friend. "I'm sorry that took so long."
Connor glances to his left, staring at me for a split second before averting his gaze to my brother. "No problem, man."
I watch as he struggles to sit up, then waddles over to my brother and leaves my sight. But before he leaves, he makes eye contact with me - there was a glimmer in his dark eyes that appeared when we looked at each other. I knew he would be back.
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javigm 8 months
Please continue
GelateriaXX 8 months
So cute...please keep going!
Built4com4t 8 months
Very sweet..nicely done, i hope there's more to come!