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It was hard to take it all in, but it was there right in front of me. I couldn't deny it, but I only had one question. Why?

-1 day earlier-
Ella and I were a perfect couple we both loved each other for our personalities and not just our bodies,
We had been dating for 1 1/2 years, and I knew her pretty well. So when she started acting strange I noticed it really quickly. "Elllllaaaaa" I called out "Caaaaaammmmm" she replied "come here" I heard a thud and an ow "are you alright" I called out worried "yep just getting out of bed" when she arrived I asked her what was bothering her "nufin!" She slurred "Ella we've been dating for over a year and a half I know when something is up", then I remembered that she went to a party yesterday with one of her friends while I was out of town "Ella did you make out with another guy while you were drunk? It's ok if you did because I know what you're like when you're drunk, and it's impossible for you to not get drunk at a party" "sooorrrta" she replied "it's ok" pulling her into a reassuring hug "because I know you will always stay with me" "yeasssss" I looked at her, she looked really tired so I just let her slump back to her room.


While I was tapping away at my keyboard working I saw Ella phone light up I ignored it as it was none of my business, but a few minuets later it buzzed again I knew this was going to happen again so I picked up her phone to put it on "do not disturb" when I noticed the text. It had come through from someone called "Telstra" but this wasn't a Telstra text as it read "hey if you ain't busy we can have some more fun tonight cuz I got some extra rough stuff we can play around with 👅😈"
It was hard to take it all in, but it was there right in front of me. I couldn't deny it, but I only had one question. Why? I got so angry! But I soon calmed down I knew how I was going to get my revenge on her, I was still so heart broken that she would do this to me, I thought things were going well but I guess I was wrong! I called out saying that I was just going to the shops for a bit, when I didn't hear a reply, I presumed she had fallen asleep.

Sorry for the slow start the first few paragraphs don't have much action ;) but it's get better trust me

(Since it's slow ive released the first two paragraphs(intro and para.1) together)
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Fishy fries 10 months
YAY we just hit 10000 views!!
My first story that I put up on this website was doing good at getting people to view it but this one has just exploded and has now got more and I expect that this will get much more likes as more people seem to be enjoying this one

Glad you all do smiley
Iím kinda suprised how many people are liking this so far because Iíve been reading stories on here for ages and only just made an account myself so I can start publishing my own ideas and stories

Thx guys
chrisart 2 years
This is a good start. keep going!