trevor and the all you can eat restaurant

chapter 1 before marriage

Before I got married I didn't even think about food. My life was dominated by work. I worked for a large company at head of their Human Resources team. I worked hard and got paid well for it. I would go to the gym after work and I kept myself reasonably fit. I was not the body builder muscle bound type, I didn't even have a six pack. I had a lean and athletic frame.
I ate healthily, but food did not excite me. I'd often skip meals altogether when I was busy, so I was probably too skinny than I ought to have been.
I had could afford to live in a spacious semi in suburbia. It had a lawn at the front and a reasonable size garden at the back. It was built between the wars and had an Art Deco feel to it with it's stained glass sunrise window in the porch and the predominant horizontal lines in the windows.
I drove my own car an average family sized fiesta with a soft top so that I could drive around in the summer with the wind in my hair. I didn't have much occasion to do that, mind you. Not with the uk weather bring so cold and damp.
I considered myself to be mr just slightly above average.
I went on two holidays a year every year. One around the med, one around the carribean, or further afield. I was not adventurous. I didn't climb mountains or swim in the sea. I didnt stay up all night drinking and come home at sunrise hardly able to walk.
I didn't smoke, I didn't take drugs. I had never had a day off sick. I liked a gin and tonic every now and again, but I rarely got drunk
Then Lesley came into my life. I'm not exactly sure where we met. It might have been through mutual friends or it might have been because we bumped into each other at some company conference.
I loved Lesley's exhuberance for life. She seemed to love every minute of every day. In the meantime, I was fascinated by the way her hips swayed from side to side. Her work blouse was a little too tight for her in the chest department. The buttons on her blouse gaped. I woukd often find myself staring at them, trying to imagine was lay in the darkness between the buttons.
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I wish I was Trevor.
MangaBL 11 months
This is a beautiful story!
Don't you just LOVE IT! When jocks or twigs blossomed into handsome piggies!! XD
What a lovely story. A great read!
billedmeup 11 months
Very fun. Waiting for ch 14 to find out how Trevor looked.
Deleted gym and cake chapter by mistake! Now being rewritten
Bette38 1 year
Great story!
hurgon 1 year
Nice start!