become a nerd girl

she was home alone

Lucia is a 19 year old girl. Yesterday she finished school and is currently home alone, her parents have gone on holiday and her brother moved permanently to the city where she studied for college. She could also go on vacation with her parents, but she decided to stay home alone for two months. She did not even know why, maybe she just wanted as every teenager had a bit of freedom and autonomy, even though she had no idea what would happen to him in these two short but long months.

Lucia is a girl with a normal body, with no particular curves. She has always weighed about 115 lb and she is not too high or too low. She never paid attention to her weight, she is not a girl who eats out meal and the meals she was eating were cooked by her mother. His mother cooked quite healthy, in fact all in the family are fit and healthy.

Lucia was unbelieving in the morning when she woke up and found no one at home. Finally it was free, but free to do what? He realized after a whole morning wandering around the house singing with the full volume music that she had to find a hobby, something that would then be quiet to stop when the summer was over. In fact, she had already enrolled in her brother's college.

About her brother, maybe in his room, she could have found something interesting. After a few minutes ignoring the tremendous amount of video games near the TV, finding nothing else and getting bored. She sat down and lit the console without even knowing what the game was inside. After the first minutes of play she was not quite satisfied, she lacked the right atmosphere, so she closed the windows, made snacks and then started playing.
The game was slowly catching her attention, she was very attracted to the beautiful graphics of the new PS4 launch. She had never played video games before, she usually watched movies, or rather TV series.

But perhaps this summer she could turn into a perfect NERD GIRL...

After a few hours of gambling, she was completely attracted to it, it was a very challenging year for her, and now the fact that her worries had gone away did not seem to be true. All of her new worries were to relax and play without control. She had no friends in the pals and she did not have the driver's license, so she could not find them. Elisa was her closest friend, but she could not find her for now, she would come back from a 2-week trip. She had already agreed with her before the school ended, to invite her to stay awake at her home. They had already discussed the new TV series that would be coming out more or less at that time. But before then Lucia had 2 weeks to wait, but it was not a problem. She had already found what to do...
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Namtab 10 months
I'm teen girl on love
goodworks 10 months
It reads pretty well if you imagine the speaker is Hercule Poirot.
Morbido 10 months
For who is reading my story: do you like it? Sorry for spelling and syntax, but I'm not English and I'm trying to do it. For who is English, my English is so horrible true? But at least the story is readable? Let me know pls .. =)