stuffed hubby

dinner is served

The timer chirped loudly from the kitchen. A grey ribbed dress clung tightly to her body. Her shapely ass accentuated, her newly swollen tits pushing at the knitted fabric with every movement. The air was filled with the scent of pastries and roasted poultry. "Daddy will be so pleased." She thought to herself as she pulled the cookies out to cool next to the buttercream frosted cupcakes. Bending forward to shut the oven, she felt her tits with new heaviness.

Gravity had never affected her this way before. Her tits were now milky and full after weeks of stimulation. Today, they were achy and needed to be emptied hours ago, but she wanted her husband's attention rather than a pump. He would be home in about 15 minutes, and dinner would be laid out for him. She hoped he had a big appetite this evening, and if not, he was such a pushover that he'd still eat like a pig for her regardless. It was easy to give him doe eyes and he'd break down and give her what she wanted. She never asked for anything too outrageous, anyway, or at least she thought.

Dinner was quite the spread. Veggies, mushrooms, a roasted chicken, bread rolls and butter. For dessert, cupcakes or cookies, preferably both. She didn't slave over this meal to have him just try one dessert. The doorknob clicked open as she was admiring her work. She quickly joined her soon-to-be piggy in the entry way.

"Mm, it smells great in h-.." He was interrupted by a kiss and embrace. She made sure to press her engorged breasts into his chest. His hands instinctively ran along the contours of her body and with his sly grin, grabbed her ass. "I missed you." She said with a little whiney tone. He smelled of engine grease and sweat. His hands were grubby, and his boots were already being tossed to the side. "And I missed you, gorgeous. Go sit, and I'll meet you at the table." He said as he paced toward the sink.

She dished him up as soon as he sat down. A heaping plate of dinner thudded before him, and he hungrily dug in without waiting for her. She didn't mind, he was normally considerate, but a hint of rudeness always got her going. Not that she had any trouble conjuring up naughty thoughts while she was preparing this meal for her man.

"How was your day?" She asked, after a dainty bite. He chewed his huge mouthful and swallowed, letting out a little gas. "Urp, ooh, 'scuse me. It was busy, the new project is going well." He continued speaking, but her mind began wandering, watching him dig into his meal like he was starved, even though she fed him more than enough each day. "Oh, by the way, those sandwiches you packed for me were delicious." He patted his gut and grinned. She melted a little and beamed at him. "I'm glad you liked them, how is dinner so far?" He stifled another burp. "Erp, it is very good, thank you love."

Throughout the meal, her tits were growing more and more achy and warm. Luckily her hubby was now present, he just had to get through the meal. "You look gorgeous." Her husband said with a mouthful of food, fork in one hand, squeezing her thigh with the other. His demeanor and presence were enough to make her pussy warm and tingly, but the fact that he was digging into his huge meal so hungrily just multiplied the effect, and he knew it.

Countless nights were spent nursing and soothing his fully, achy belly after he'd indulged too much for her. They always ended in her sitting on his face, or convincing him to f*ck her, full gut poking out as he sluggishly thrusted into her. He was careful not to indulge too often, but lately he'd given into her cooking and extra snacks she packed in his lunchbox. Work was stressful and he needed all the comfort and love he could get to get through it. It began to show in his midsection, just a slight extra layer on his small paunch. It was enough for her to notice and teasingly caress in bed or in the shower.

The meal diminished and he slowed his eating. She had finished her light meal a few minutes prior, and just enjoyed the sight of her bearded papi pigging out and engaging in small talk with flirtatious undertones. They had been married for almost a year now, but he still loved flirting with her as if it were their first date. He leaned back finally, empty plated. He sighed and puffed out his belly for her to swoon over inside. His little grin appeared as he patted and rubbed his stuffed tummy. A stretch and groan to entice her.
"Wow, baby, that was so good. I can't believe I - uuurrp - stuffed all that down so quickly."
"Are you interested in seconds?" A gleam in her eye. He paused. She reached over and began massaging his belly. "Please, daddy? I made all of this for you." He sighed and smiled at her, "Anything for you, baby." She then served him a bit more of everything, not too much, but just enough to really fill him to the brim without hurting his belly. He started up again, savoring every bite, but chewing slower, and sighing frequently between little burps. She continued to watch and smiled at him.

His plate was cleared once again. He leaned back. "Are you done?" she asked. "Do you want more, sweetheart?" "Oh god. UUuurrp, I - urp - couldn't." His belly was noticeably distended now. He undid his belt and button at this point. "That's just fine, let's clean up."

They got up and cleared the table, putting everything away. His expanded gut bounced ever so slightly as he slowly treaded around the kitchen. He knew she was ogling him, and he put on a show of holding his belly while he bent down to put away a dish or when he burped. Soon enough they found themselves on the couch. He'd now changed into sweats and a t-shirt to accommodate the bloating and digesting he was about to do. He hadn't seen the desserts yet, either. They switched on the TV, and he reclined. His belly popped up as he became more horizontal.

She reached over and began kneading, squeezing and gently patting his little wobbly gut. He'd grunt occasionally, and look up at her in admiration. She just kept playing with him and her mind was completely focused and infatuated with his midsection. A grumbling, groaning sound began within him. She could feel a shifting under her fingertips. He braced himself, his hands moving to the top of his belly. "Oh god," he moaned. She pressed her hands into his gut. He groaned a little more and opened his mouth. "OOOoorrp, ooh, that feels better." She giggled at him, and continued to massage him, and let him digest.
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newfatness 8 months
I love this story!
Goodness! How do you make this just keep getting better and better? I envy your writing skills, and I look forward to more.
Built4com4t 9 months
More please
Built4com4t 9 months
My absolute most intense fatasy brought to life. It _has_ to be one of the most fattening foods on the planet

This is so arousing in so many ways.
Chapter 3 -- smoking hawt!!
Erotic, sensuous and soo soooo delicious!
otherland78 10 months
oh very hot and sweet smiley and a really sexy genius idea with cookies and milk ^^
Kawaiibaby666 10 months
More to come smiley
wayTooThin 10 months
Love it!
Built4com4t 10 months
Wow...very erotic, very kinky. You're making me thirsty ;-)