daily routine

My alarm went off at 7 like it does everyday. I sat in my bed not wanting to get up knowing that i have to go into the office soon.
It took me a couple minutes but i finally was able to get out of my bed.I went to the bathroom and did my hair and shaved exposing my double chin.
I walked over to the scale to see how much weight just to make sure i wasnt getting to big.The number 356.Wow i didnt realize how fat i was but on the other hand i dont care if i put on a feels good to have a little extra weight on myself.
I walked over to the fridge and took out a gollon of milk and chugged it.i walked to the closet to get dressed and let out a couple massive belches.i put my socks, which was becoming a struggle i buttoned up my pants and put a dress shirt on. When i was done getting dressed i went to look intue mirror and noticed i had a pretty large overhang.
My stomach started growling so i got in the car and made my way to work.i first stopped at dunkin donuts for my coffee and 2 dozen for the office one for my co workers and one for me. I also stopped at mc donalds to get my breakfast.
I waddled my way into the office greting all my co workers.i got to my desk and plopped into my desk chair which seemed to feel smaller and smaller each day.
I had my own office with a door and blinds which i sound proffed so no one could hear what came out of my mouth. I opened the mcdonalds and stuffed a couple breakfast sandwitches down my throat.I drank some of my coffe then i let out a huge belch so i could make room for the rest of my breakfast.i started eating my donuts and from 1 went to 12 a little to quick and i let out a couple more belches beforegetting back to work.
I pretty much just sit around all day on my computer and dont really get up unless its for food.i pryed myself out of my chair to go and get lunch. As i left the office i made my way down the street wondering where to eat. I thought why not pizza. I got a pie and headed back to my office.
I sat back down in my small chair with my fat spilling over the sides and ate my lunch.i stuffed my face slice after slice until i was full. I let out a massive belch and bam the chair just gave fat ass broke the dam chair. Thank god no ine was there to see. I struggled to get myself back on my feet.I left the office in embarrasment kniwing this was not going to nethe first time my weight will break furniture.
I basically just sat on my couch for the rest of the day constantly snacking and not caring of how fat i have become.
Next chap tomorrow!
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