a slimy new addition

prolouge, author's note, and character descriptions

Hey there! This is actually my first writing on this so I hope you like it, and unlike most writers, I am open to critique. So on with the show!

Chelsea had always been a bit on the skinny side, mostly due to the fact that until her early twenties, she never truly had a home. Most of her childhood she was bunked from foster home to foster home, each one almost always worst than the last. Once she turned 18 the just dumped her on the street. She was homeless for over a year until she found it. Gordon labs. A research laboratory in desperate need for test subjects. She signed up so fast the receptionist almost got whiplash!

Over the next few years she became one of the company's biggest assets. There were almost no tests she wouldn't turn down, and soon she became wealthier than she ever thought she'd be. In her opinion there was no better life than just being able to relax in her own home, with her sister Naomi. Though they weren't biological sisters, they might as well have been. They had met while they were both homeless and shared everything at the time, and still do. Nothing could separate them. So when Chelsea helped Gordon labs, Naomi soon joined in, causing them to build up their wealth even faster. They owned a 2 story house together, even though all of their combined stuff could fit on one floor, which happened to work perfectly because in every room but the living room on their first floor was test equipment and "gifts" from Gordon labs, their favorite one of the gifts was a giant spa like room that seemed to work magical wonders, like a mode where the entire room filled up with water so oxygenated you didn't have to go up for air! Though their incomes and pasts were strange, that didn't stop them from living a semi normal life.

Age: 23
Height: 4'11
Current Weight: 136 lbs
Breast Size: C cup
Ass Type: Bubble butt
Body Shape: Hourglass
Hair Color: Blond with natural red streaks.
Hair Length: short
Eyes: Green
Nationality: White

Age: 21
Height: 5'2
Weight: 152 lbs
Breast Size: D cup
Ass Type: Large bubble butt
Body Shape: Pear
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Eyes: Hazel
Nationality: Half White / Half Asian
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