the serum

chapter 1

At school John was constantly being bullied because he was weak and puny. So when a famous scientist released a strength serum, he jumped at the offer and bought a subscription to the company. Here is his journal.
Day 1:
Height:6' 0"
So it's day one and I can't really tell if it's working or not since I can't notice anything different but we'll see.

Day 2:
Height:6' 0"
Holy hell! When I stepped on the scale, damn was I suprised! 5 pounds overnight? What!? I'm pretty excited to be strong and tough!

Day 4:
Height:6' 1"
What is happening? I'm not noticing any muscles on my arms. None. But somehow I'm still gaining weight? I have an idea on how, but need more data to confirm my suspicions.

Day 8:
Height:Does it matter now?
Waistline:29 inches
Yep, this is bad. When I walk in the halls, people stare at me, like I look completely different. So I checked out my waistline today and it's about 5-9 inches bigger than it was on day 3. So it's my stomach. It also explains why I have not been able to quench my appetite for food. I've gained 50 pounds in a week! I need to stop. But I can't...

Day 20:
Waistline:55 inches
I'm huge! I can't seem to stop eating food. I'm eating like 6-9 meals a day! Please help me... I can't stop...

Day 85:
Waistline:6' 2"
Please someone get me off this serum. I think I've been tricked. I've gained almost 300 pounds in almost 3 months! How!? I'm not eating right. I'm going to at least 6 different fast food restaurants a sitting! So at this point I've submitted to the weight. I'll still track it but it'll be useless. Damn it.

Day 156:
Waistline:10' 11"
It's getting hard to walk.

Day 200:
I broke the elastic measuring tape and I'm about to break the scale. I give up!

I can barely walk and write these things!

This is my last entry. Do not use the serum. Please. I can't control myself and I'm gaining 100 lbs a day. Don't use it.
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