growing love

chapter 1

For years Toby and Elizabeth Grossman the envy of America. Toby Grossman was 6'5, 220lb all American defensive end at the University of Tennessee. After he went pro and won not one, but three NFL titles for the Atlanta Falcons, he was introduced to his soon to be wife Elizabeth Gaines. As far as Hollywood goes, this was to script as anyone could of imagined.

Liz as she called herself was a 5'9" buxom swimsuit supermodel with an hourglass figure and ample curves. Even at the height of her fame and at her thinnest (170lbs), she had a cute little pot belly. It was the talk of the fashion world as plus sized women became less and less of an oddity on the runways.

Toby absolutely adored his wife and likewise her ability to cook and eat. At only 220lbs, he was definitely on the light side and required constant caloric intake to even maintain that desired weight. Liz was more than happy to feed her man copious amounts of food. It became their nightly ritual to prepare huge meals, eat every last morsel and then make passionate love.

As a result, Toby was able to maintain his weight throughout his 15 year career only thickening up to 240lbs by retirement. Liz on the other hand steadily grew heavier, softer and curvier at a steady pace, roughly gaining around 7 pounds a year.

It's not that Liz didn't work out, in fact, she did yoga, weight training and cardio every day. Her weakness was Toby. Nothing excited her more than watching Toby cram himself taught with food every night. At that time she hadn't fully learned to accept or embrace her feeder tendencies, but something primal within her made her go wild feeding Toby.

But there hidden repercussions to Liz's nightly feeding sessions with Toby. Liz was beginning to eat more too. Granted, she wasn't downing down 20,000 calories a day like Toby, but the more sexually excited she grew the hungrier she became as well.

Toby liked the changes in his wife's growing figure. Due to her intense workouts and demanding physical schedule, Liz's weight gain was gradual and almost even imperceiveable for the first year or so. She just looked more plush and luscious.

However, after a few years, Liz's increased size forced her from her mainstream modeling and into the plus sized world. Liz did great, donning the covers of various magazines, all the while adding pound after glorious pound to her ever expanding and exaggerated hour glass figure. Her cute little pot belly at 170 lbs ballooned into a sizeable overhanging pouch at 220lbs and when Toby retired it had become one of her most dominant features at 250lbs.

Toby never once complained about her weight gain. He never actually mentioned it to her, but Liz and the whole world knew just how much he adored her. Where many guys with larger girlfriends are conservative and even a bit cautious displaying their affections, Toby was anything but. He constantly grabbed, squeezed and passionately kiss Liz, in private and in public alike. As a result, over the years many magazine covers and tabloids featured the NFL star groping and kissing his beloved.

During the last year of his career, age and the couple's growing appitites quickly showed the effects on Toby's body. His waist and lower body thickened and his face completely filled out and lost all angularity. Buy the end of his last season, Toby was a softened 240lb version of his former self.

To celebrate their retirement, Liz planned an all exclusive trip around the world. She wanted Toby to relax, maybe grow a beard and just let himself go. As his appitite for food and sex had been cultivated for years, Liz knew Toby would continue to eat as always. She just wondered what a year without exercise would do to that thin athletic frame of his.

Over the next year, both Toby and Liz gave into total hedonism, eating and fucking, followed by more eating, and so on..... The increased calories coupled with the loss of exercise had the effect of speeding up both of their weight gains. Liz gained a little over 15 lbs putting her at around 255lbs. Her total lack of exercise helped her belly to become all the more prominent while thickening and softening her shapely appearance.

However, it was Toby's rapid gain and change in appearance that most excited Liz. Where she gained 15 lbs in the year, Toby added roughly 60lbs of flab to his once thin frame. His entire lower body thickened, including his calves, thighs, hips and ass. Although she found his fattened lower body absolutely hot, it was his other two features she found adorable: his now bearded and thick double chin and his soft and jiggly belly over hang. By the third month on vacation, Toby realized that with his new plump and scruffy look, he no longer needed to wear his disguises, as no one recognized him any more.

..................................... .................................(One year later: Finally back home after a year of vacationing).

"Wow exclaimed" Toby, grabbing the substantial fold of his big belly resting in his lap. It rested a top set of thick yet powerful thighs. His heavy and large male breast heaving up and down over top of his penduluous belly. Toby knew for a while that he and his lack of exercise and grand meals had packed on more than a few pounds to former thin and athletic body. Despite this acknowledgement of his expanding horizons, he somehow convinced himself that he'd only gained 10 or
20lbs at most.

"I've gained more than a bit of weight since my retirement a year ago" said an anxious Toby.

"Oh calm down", chirped back his loving wife Elizabeth, "do you hear me complaining", she whispered in his ear as she made gentle swirls with her manicured fingers on the surface of his large and soft belly.

"No!.....But I've gotta go back in front of the cameras like this", said the former NFL star.

"So what, you've put on s few", greatly understated Liz, "If you haven't noticed, I'm not doing any cover shoots these days eirher, and if someone ever does catch up with me, it'll be one of those before and after pieces where they write some bullshit reason why I gained so much weight."

"Like what", kidded back Toby grabbing Elizabeth's considerable and soft rump.

Growing more flustered, Elizabeth shot back with, "I don't know crap like, she was pregnant and must have lost the baby.....or....stuff like, she's depressed and trying to eat her sorrows away. It's ridiculous what they're allowed to get away with".

"Yeah I hear ya", said Toby calmly and sympathetically as he shifted on the bed to rub Elizabeth's soft and round belly. "But can you imagine what they'll say about me? No one's seen me in almost a year"

"Excuse me Mr.", interjected Elizabeth, "Don't you mean us? No one has seen US"

"I'm sorry", chortled back Toby as he found his wife so cute when she stuck to her guns and got "all sassy", as she put it.

"It's not funny", faux pouted Elizabeth, biting her lip and giving his rear a smack hard enough to make his whole soft body reverberate with a slight jiggle.

"So the point is......", continued Liz, "that they're gonna be mean and cruel and nasty to both of us. It's truly unfair but....thats the price we pay for fame and riches."

"Why do they have to be so damned mean?", spat Toby angrily.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear you, but couldn't they just at least print the truth? Just for once"

"And what would that be?", questioned Toby with an extended eye brow.

Almost as if in knee jerk reaction, Liz rapidly said, "Because I want the two of us to enjoy life, food, sex, and want both of us to grow very fat together."

Liz felt Toby's body freeze halfway through her statement, but actually saying what she'd been repressing for so many years, was an amazing experience. It seemed like a weight was finally lifted off of her shoulders.

Toby hesitated and for a brief instant, Liz grew terrified of the possibility that Toby might be pissed off or even worse disgusted by her confession.

Toby again grabbed his big, soft gut and gave it a violent shake, saying, "So you did this to me in purpose?" He reached down further and squished his fingers into his belly folds, "Do you like this?"

Liz felt panicked, almost ready to hurl. She was about to say something silly like "just kidding" or "gotcha", when Toby said, "I'm glad. I thought it strange but after I put on a few pounds or so, I loved the feeling of it so much, I actually wanted you to make me fatter"........ This time he paused, feeling awkward. They looked deep into each other's eyes and realized that they were even more alike than they could have even imagined. Neither could keep their hands off of the fattened parts of the other's body. It was truly a new beginning for the two.
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