fat monopoly

chapter 1 the crew

Lauren, Ryan, Jackie, and Jared walked into the local thrift store looking for something to entertain them. Living in a small town it was easy for college kids to get bored on their breaks. The group walked through the store passing electronics, furniture, and art supplies before finally coming to the used game section. Ryan picked up a game of sorry.

"is this good?' he asked
"No, we need something we can play again and again, that will take a while to finish" replied Lauren.
Ryan sighed as he put down the box. He was the tallest of the group, with shaggy brown hair, and a few freckles. He was as thin as a rail, but not very athletic. Lauren on the other hand, was shorter probably about 5'7" at the most but she was built for sports, with her blonde hair always in a bun, and her legs sculpted in muscle from years of training.

"How about this?" Jared said holding up a game of battleship, "every game is different?"
"yeah but it's basically luck, and only two of us can play at a time" Lauren said in dismay.
Jared dropped the box in frustration. He scratched his beard as he looked the shelfs over. Jared was 5'11" and had a stockier build than Ryan, but was by no means fat. He had dark curly hair, and a well kept beard and almost always wore jeans.

"Hey, I think I found something good!" Jackie exclaimed from the back of the ilse. At 5'4" Jackie was definitely the most rotund of the group. Her round face beamed as her chubby fingers gripped a board game covered in dust.

"Fat Monopoly... Make all your dreams come true in this limited time version of Monopoly." She read out loud. "All of the figures are fat, even the guy on the cover! And look all the properties are altered to be fat oriented. Kentucky Fried Chicken Avenue, New Fork Street! This looks so funny" She said with a snort."

Lauren walked over and looked the box over.
"yeah this will have to do, it seems like the best choice"

The crew walked up to the counter and checked out.

When they arrived at Lauren's house, the cleared a space for the game, and opened it up. Jackie and Ryan set up the board as Lauren and Jared organized and reviewed the rules. As Lauren was reading the rule book a small pamphlet fell out. She picked it up and saw it said "Additional Fat Rules" She read through it quickly
"Buying property will add nothing, but paying rent will cause 10% of rent to be added to your total fat. Forfeiting will result in an immediate doubling of your total fat."
Lauren scoffed and tossed the pamphlet aside. "it must be to some other game and was mixed in at the store" she thought.

Soon they sat down dealed the money and chose their characters.
"Ill be the Fat Women" said Jackie
"Ill be the Cow" Ryan said quietly
"Ill be the Fat Man" Jared said with a laugh
"I guess ill be the Pig' Lauren said with disgust.
They rolled for order and the game began.

The first few rounds went as expected. Everyone bought spaces until few were left. Ryan made a roll, and landed on Indian food avenue.
"18 dollars" exclaimed Jared.
Ryan let out a burp and patted his stomach. He didn't remember eating anything that would make him burp today. He rolled again after getting doubles and landed on Chocolate Bark Place.
"35" said lauren.
Ryan leaned forward to get his money and noticed something sticking out of his belly. He moved his hand down and felt it expanding. He pulled his hand away quickly
"Ryan what's wrong?" Lauren asked
It feels like i'm slowly putting on weight..." he said bewildered.
"Don't be ridiculous' Lauren said as she picked up the die and rolled them. She moved her piece to Celluvania Avenue.
"22 dollars," Jackie yelped" As Lauren handed over the money, she felt her jeans tighten, and felt gassy suddenly. She placed her hand on her stomach as everyone watched. Her eyes went wide as she felt the soft flesh between her fingers. "10% of rent..."She muttered before grabbing the pamphlet from the box and reading aloud
"listen to this: Buying property will add nothing, but paying rent will cause 10% of rent to be added to your total fat-"

"No way!! Jackie exclaimed. "I have been working on losing weight for weeks, I am not doing this. Even if its not true i'm done" as soon as she uttered those words her stomach started to grumble loudly. This was followed by a loud fart and burp simultaneously as fear filled her eyes.

"Forfeiting will result in an immediate doubling of your total fat." Lauren said shakily. The crew watched as Jackie grew in every direction. Her clothes soon became tight to her body, and before long her belly was ripping her shirt apart. Her boobs erupted out of her bra and spilled onto her chest. At the same time her arms were being forced away from her body, and her legs were covered in a dimpled case of cellulite. Soon the expansion stopped and everyone was astonished by what she had become. Every breath was heavy, and every movement Jackie made was labored. Tears streamed down her incredibly chubby face, as she waddled to the bathroom.

Lauren Ryan and Jared looked at each other stunned. Lauren read more of the pamphlet.
"Winning the game will return your fat to its original, coming in second will keep you at the fat you finished, but anything lower will double your fat. ' She said filled with fear.

She looked at Jared and Ryan and then looked a the board in front of them.

"well there's only on thing to do" She said grabbing the die.
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Knightorder 6 months
I hope you won't leave us hanging for the conclusion...
MangaBL 8 months
I love how big Ryan and his friends have gotten!
I feel like this would be better if it were set on England. Instead of dollars as the currency it would be pounds.
Ryan100000 8 months
Interesting concept itís kinda like Jumanji only using Monopoly board I love it
gaetano2733 8 months
Great story
This is amazing
Can't wait to see more of them and this story
Knightorder 8 months
Loving this. Can't wait to read more!