impregnating alyssa

intro: enter alyssa

Alyssa was deffinatly a good looking girl. She had long flowy blonde hair, green eyes, wide hips, a decent ass, very prominent breasts, and a full set if lips. She also had quite a history if fetishes. She only wished she could work with it every day. But luckily for her. She would get her chance. Becky McGame was looking for testers for her factory. Alyssa of course, couldn't resist and picked up an application. Sure enough, she was hired.

She went to the factory and was let in by a kimbo bimbo. There were 4 other girls I'm the room. They were all naked.
"Clothes please, miss!"
The kimbo bimbo asked.
Alyssa said. She stripped down till she was completly naked. Alyssa figured she was supposed to since everyone else was naked.

Soon enough, Becky McGame came through the door.
"Welcome, darlings! You all must be here to test and possibly become a part if the factory! Well we can begin soon! I just need you all to sign this."
Becky handed them all contracts.
"Just boring legal stuff, you know. In case a dildo goes too far up or something OH HO HO HO!"
All the girls signed the contract.
Alyssa was pumped for this. Test some items, see if she likes it, then decide if she'd like to work there.

Becky opened the doors for the girls and they all entered. One was fairly fat, another was busty, the 3rd was pear shaped and the other was clearly a transgender woman. Alyssa wasn't worried but she was excited down stairs. Becky then opened a huge door to a candy room. The candy was shaped like dildos, flesh lights, and other toys. There was even a chocolate river. Everyone was either eating it or using it. Alyssa was one who was using it.

Have a cock, you will rock, in a state of pure stimulation.
What you feel will defy all limitations.

Becky sang as she walked along. Alyssa could care less. The gummy dildo felt so good on her pussy. But this came to a stop as Becky noticed the fat girl drinking from the river.
"Girly! Be careful! You might fall in!"
Becky said. But if course, she was ignored. The fat girl fell in the river and was now being sucked into the pipe. But she stopped. she was stuck and chocolate was flowing into her ass and pussy. She was inflating.
"My chocolate!!"
Becky screamed. All the girls including Alyssa watched. But Lucky, before the fat girl got any bigger the kimbo bimbis came out on a boat and prodded her with a big poll. She then shot up the pipe. The other 3 girls went some what a similar way. The busty one decided it would be a good idea to try 5 different expand-a-fruits at the same time to become a fruit punch flavor. She nearly crushed the entire room and nearly popped. The pear shaped girl went on a prototype baby machine which made her have the mentality of a 2 year old. Now she just sips on formula and plays in her diaper all day. As for the trans girl, she fell into a tying machine and is now bound, gagged, and ready to be dominated. Alyssa was the only one Left. She had one
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wolfen 7 months
More extreme weight gain, futas, and hyper multi pregnancy
wolfen 7 months
Loved this and the extreme pregnancy at the end
chrisart 7 months
This was an enjoyable read. usually i dont like impregnation stories but you did it pretty tastefully and i enjoyed that too

I really really like how her life was reduced to: get up , sex, eat, birth.
soo horrifying and erotic
Get up sex eat birth repeat