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It was 7:30am and I was just leaving the house for work. I got on the tube and after 15 minutes I got off at my station and went into my workplace, which was opposite the tube. I went up in the lift to the fourth floor.

However, something was off today. When I got out the lift all the people who worked on the floor were in the meeting room. I walked over, 'hey, what's everyone doing in here' I asked. 'Boss needs to talk to us' said Josh, my husband's brother. He was around 400 lbs and 25 years old, with a huge ass. I was a chubby 200 lbs but compared to Josh I felt tiny.

The boss walked in and sat down, everyone looked at him expectantly. 'You're all probably wondering why I brought you here. Well we have lost a lot of money recently, but I've persuaded my boss not to fire you. Instead you will all have to work at home as we can't afford to keep renting out this office. So starting immediately you all work from home'.

There was some moaning and grumbling but everyone was thankful that they weren't fired. I went back home and wondered what to do. They didn't give us much work to do per day, so I had a lot of time to kill. My son Mark was at school, and my husband Sam was working.

Mark was a chubby kid, and Sam (my Husband) weighed 300 lbs had a huge belly. Although compared to his parents and cousins he was quite thin. I had done all my work in 2 hours. Looking around I felt my empty stomach and so I went into the kitchen. One of the good things about being part of large family is that the fridge and cupboards are always full, so grabbing a bag of popcorn and a pizza I went to the sitting room and watched some TV. Just 5 minutes later I got up again to get 2 burgers and some chocolate. 5 minutes later I went back to get 4 hot dogs and some donuts. I just didn't get full. An hour later and after eating a considerable amount I fell asleep, completely stuffed. Waking up I looked at my watch, it was 3:15 Mark needed to be picked up in 15 minutes. His school was a mile away, I usually walked or cycled but I was so stuff that I decided to drive. Grabbing 5 hotdogs for Mark and 3 for myself I dashed out to the car and sped off to pick him up.
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LevelUP 8 months
Really cool smiley I know she can eat a entire cake *.*
godan2056 8 months
ooh, looking forward to more