werewolf impulses

the bite

Hi i'm Kal and im a pretty fat werewolf but i wasn't always fat or a werewolf, so allow me to tell you my story of how i became a fat werewolf.
This all starts back 3 months ago, I am really into astronomy and so i went out to an open area out in the forest to get a great view of the night sky and the full moon. It was about 11:30 PM when i got to the spot that i was gonna set up at. I set up my telescope along with a radio because it can get scary out in the woods alone so gotta have some tunes, anyway so i was looking through my telescope looking at the stars but then i heard loud rustling coming from infront of me so i try to quietly pack up my stuff and leave, it is about 1:00 AM when I have everything packed up and i start heading to my car but then something launches out infront of me... Its a wolf and its looking dead straight at me so i start to run to my car dropping my radio while running i get to the car door and the wolf is a bit behind me and i unlock my car and i start to get in but then i feel a sharp pain in my leg and the wolf bit me! I use my other leg to kick the wolf away and i get in my car and drive away. Once im at the entrance to the forest i pull over and treat my wound by wrapping it up and cleaning it up.
"Fuck that was close" I say to myself as im driving home. The pain is killing me and my home is another hour away so i decide to go to a motel and spend the night there.
"Hi um are there anymore rooms left?" I ask the person at the front desk
"Yeah, how long?" Said the man who did not care about a person walking in at 1:45 AM.
"Just one night please." I say politely even though this guy is the worst at being a friendly face.
"$70 please" The man said with his hand extended for the money. I hand him the money in exchange for the key to the room.
"Enjoy your stay" The front desk man mumbled as I walked outside to my room. The next thing I do is text my boyfriend that im not going to be home tonight.
'Why? Where r u?' Jason (My boyfriend) texted.
'In pain from a wolf attack' I text him along with a pic of the bite wound wrapped up.
'Alright, well see you tomorrow babe, luv u 😘, night'
'Love you too' I text and then go to sleep with the T.V on the food channel on.
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planb 5 months
I like how he tells his bf he got attacked by a wolf and the dude's response is just k, later. Instead of, you know, OMG ARE YOU OK DID YOU GO TO THE HOSPITAL?