the end of her.. or so she thought

chapter 1

"hey, have you gotten here yet?" she read as she looked down on her iPhone.. See they had been talking for a few years. Finally the opportune time has come for them to meet. So she was driving across the country to meet him. She was very excited but also nervous as she had never done anything like this before. See she came from a very reserved family but she always knew she was different the "Freak". Now it was time she left all that and proceeded in the direction of making herself happy. She was still about 20 minutes away. She giggled to herself and said, "he can wait." When she... Wait, this is my story so I guess ill stop telling it in third person now..

When I finally got to the hotel room and got all my luggage situated I checked my phone again...
Him: Hello?
Him: Are you here?
Him: Is everything ok?
So I finally text back "Yes everything's fine just got done checking in.." After 4 days in a car I need a shower. I thought to myself, So I threw a clean diaper on the bed and headed to the bathroom. I know Daddy will want me diapered so ill change into it after I spent about 20 minutes in the shower. Grabbed a towel and headed for the bed. I dried off and laid on the diaper pulled it through my legs and taped the tapes. I'd better find a cute outfit that daddy will like, I thought to myself.
I grabbed a short pink dress, it was my favorite dress I bought it before I left home. As I finished getting ready, I heard my phone ring I dashed across the room to my phone and answered it.
Me: Hellooooo?
Him: Hey what are you doing?
Me: I was freshening up before I came to see you.
Him: Oh, okay! Well are you almost ready cause I can't wait to see you and I'm getting anxious.
Me: Yes Billy, I was just finishing ill be there in a bit just send me directions to the restaurant.
Billy: okay hun, see you soon
"hangs up"
I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and combed my hair while I waited for the directions. Right as I finished that my phone went off with the name of the restaurant and the directions. "Ryan's all you can eat buffet". I shook my head of course he would chose a buffet. I walked to my car it was a little red sports car with Mrs. Piggy as the license plate. Everyone at home just thought I loved the Muppets they didn't know I had a secret. I left the parking lot and drove ten minutes to "Ryan's buffet" as I pulled in I saw him and instantly the Diaper between my chubby little thighs got wet. He walked toward me as I parked the car. He opened the door and I stood up fixing my dress making sure no one could see my diaper. "Don't worry babygirl no one can see your padded butt and even if they could who cares". I instantly turned red with embarrassment.
As we walked into the restaurant he tapped my but with his hand. I barely felt it due to the thickness of the diaper between my legs. We got inside and the waitress told us to sit anywhere it wasn't to busy as they had just finished lunch hour. I found a table in the corner and sat down. We ordered our drinks his was Mountain Dew I dispise the stuff and I was about to order a water and Daddy said no and ordered me a coke.
The waitress brought our drinks to us and Daddy said "let's eat" he then whispered "Don't hold back piggy". I instantly turned red and headed for the buffet.
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Some_Dude 7 months
Nice. The piglet seems to have been well-fed by her daddy.
Nok 8 months
omg! Ch2 is crazy sexy. Love the psychological descriptions
Waiting for chapter 2. Hurry.
Nok 8 months
I love it already. Combining diapers and fat fetishism is super hot and fun. Getting clean first, and then especially the details of putting on the diaper. Made me shiver. Very sexy.
Thanks for the input Iím gonna start chapter 2 tonight Itís been a while since Iíve written anything
Ktm909 8 months
I'll admit the dipers not really my thing, (but its ok), but i have to admit I'm intrigued by the "don't hold back piggy" line lol. I'm certainly looking forward to the next chapter/page smiley