chapter 1

Ruby had been gaining weight at an astounding speed lately, and her classmates were starting to notice. Her clothes clung tight to her growing body, and she now filled up her entire seat. At the beginning of the year, she'd been of about average size, although not very athletic, probably around 125 pounds, with a thin layer of pudge covering her frame. She was a beautiful redhead who always looked fashionable and had a bit of an intimidating air about her. Now, though, while still as pretty as ever, she'd put on at least 30 pounds in just a few weeks. Her face was rounder and softer, her arms were beginning to look pudgy, and her thighs and ass had thickened quite a bit. Perhaps most noticeably, though, she was forming a soft, jiggly potbelly that looked like it was made of marshmallow fluff. It was still small, but certainly there, and people were noticing. Today, I decided to ask her about it. I told her she looked beautiful, and then asked her if she'd gained weight lately. Luckily, she was very open to answering. "I'm testing out some experimental new anti-depressants," she said, "they really work way better than anything I've tried before, but they're certainly making me put on weight! I'm gonna have to start working out some more soon." I told her I was glad they were helping her feel better, and wished her luck at the gym. I made a mental note to ask my own psychiatrist about this new medicine sometime, but I wasn't going to bring it up right away.

After class, another girl called me over from across the classroom before I had a chance to leave. Her name was Lindsay, she was one of the smallest girls in class and very popular. "Did you figure out what's up with Ruby?" It was a weird question, but I went ahead and told her anyway, and I told her that Ruby was going to try to lose the weight. She thanked me for my help, and told me that she did not want Ruby's efforts to lose the weight to be successful... She wanted to make Ruby gain even more weight. Since Lindsay was so popular, I humored her and she even managed to get several other girls on board. We made our plan, or more accurately, she made our plan, and we got ready to execute it after school the next day.

The following afternoon, Lindsay brought in a whole tray of homemade devil's food cupcakes to class, and the rest of us brought the most fattening treats we could make or buy, as well. Lindsay did most of the talking, sweetly offering delectable treats to Ruby while also implying that it'd be bad for Ruby's social standing if she didn't accept them. This was only the first step of the plan for the day, and it worked far better than expected; Ruby reluctantly ate nearly half the cupcakes as well as a smattering of other sweets before class even ended. I could tell she was enjoying them, even though she was worried about the impact they might have on her weight. Lindsay's cupcakes were famously delicious. Ruby's spot at our table was littered with cupcake wrappers by the end of class.

When class was over and the professor left, we really brought our plan into action. I talked to Ruby to distract her while we waited for the uninvolved students to leave, and once they had left, Lindsay blocked the doorway with a chair and strutted over to where we were sitting and slammed a hand down on the table authoritatively. "Aren't you going to finish your food?" As Ruby stammered out a statement of confusion, two of our accomplices grabbed her by the arms and tied her hands behind her chair, then bound her ankles. From here on out, Lindsay had made it clear that she'd be the one doing the feeding, the rest of us would just hand her the food so she wouldn't have to go get it. She gently ran a hand across Ruby's cheek and cooed, "We're gonna make you break that damn chair," before shoving a cupcake towards the girl's mouth. Without a way to escape, Ruby resigned herself to her fate, chewing and swallowing the cupcake. Immediately, Lindsay presented her with another one of the treats, barely giving her time to breathe in between, and repeated this process a few times before reaching down to run her victim's belly. Her delicate fingers yanked up the fabric of Ruby's shirt, exposing her soft stomach. It was bigger than anyone had expected. As Lindsay softly yet firmly rubbed circles on Ruby's flesh, Ruby let out a soft moan. It felt far better than she wished to admit. After the belly rub, Lindsay resumed feeding, and continued until the cupcakes were all gone.

Some of us spectating were starting to notice something that seemed impossible: it looked like Ruby was expanding little by little right before our eyes with each bite she took. Lindsay didn't seem to have noticed yet, or at least, she didn't until she moved to give Ruby another belly rub. When her belly was noticeably fatter and softer than before, Lindsay realized what was going on, though she didn't understand it, and her perfect lips spread into a devilish grin. It was time to take this as far as it would go.
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