the exchange

chapter 1

She arrived as summer was beginning to draw to a close. My sister had taken in students for their year here before. The universities sent them as it provided the chance to truly learn the language, see our cities and culture -our way of life - first hand before returning to their studies of us from afar.. But, something about her caught my attention; even from the very moment I laid eyes upon her.

Many of the students who came to us were only scheduled to stay for a week or so, before they moved to the cities. We were their chance to see some form of rural utopian dream - still living in our frozen historic ways separated by our climate from many of the modern staples of live. And, I'm sure that for those two or three weeks while they were still filled with awe and wonderment it did seem so. But to look a little deeper our isolation was...well, it is unfathomable to those who have to endure it continually. Our life - although externally idyllic - was undeniable hard. On hearing of her I admit I had smirked thinking that she would beg to move on after a month or so. Certainly before winter had set in. She was to stay here for a year, using the small amount of internet connectivity that was available to take classes.

Perhaps I had thoughts that as a young person she would have the same need to explore that I did. The need to get out of this quiet place that had sent me to live in the city, only returning here four years ago on the death of my father to manage our lands. I had left my sister and her family to their life in the main house taking only one of the small cabins to myself. It was all mine by right, but with no wife or family of my own what need of the space did I have? She had tried to insist that I stay in the house too but in my heart I knew that watching her family grow, her happiness, from inside these walls would only emphasise my own faults. I was 36 with no wife, no children and probably no chance of finding one now I was based so far north. I didn't think that it bothered me, but I didn't want the danger of testing my hypothesis. I think my sister knew I enjoyed being left alone, but today had been one of these times that she insisted that I come to the family house to meet our new arrival. She had spoken of her for some months now, how she wanted her to feel welcomed and integrated into every part of life here since she would be staying so long. All along I had nodded keeping my thoughts to myself but, now as I sat With the warmth of the open fire at my back waiting on her arrival, I found my mind wondering. I realised I had no idea what to expect of her. I hadn't let my imagination get that far. What would she be like - her personality, her looks? What would she sound like? All of the other exchange students had came from the United Kingdom...Would she be able to speak our language well enough? Out of us all, from my time in the city, I guessed that I probably had the best English.

I almost didn't hear the door unlock so deep in my own thoughts. I had only moments to compose myself, straightening to my full height and tugging down my jumper, pulling out the crushed wrinkles that gave away my slouching as my sister entered. Her sons came running through the door next rushing towards me, shouting excitedly, as they danced around me and the youngest clutching at my legs as they hugged me. I didn't notice Eirik, my sisters husband enter - the exchange students bag slung over his shoulders. But, it was because of the heavy thump of the bag as he dropped it onto the dining room table that I caught her eye as she entered.

She broke into a smile, her teeth a brilliant white even against the luminescent glow of her pearl skin. I could only hold her gaze for a few moments the light green of her eyes suddenly making me nervous as my stomach fluttering excitedly.

"It looks like someone's popular," she laughed.

My sister has a way of assuming control, mothering all who are around her and asserting a caring dominance on every situation. I would say that it came from being a mother to four mischievous boys, but I could remember her unerring ability to soothe and organise even as a child. Within ten minutes the boys were hushed and sent off to play and we had been seated around the table - dinner spread and ready. I hadn't been given the opportunity to speak to the girl, but from my sisters introduction I had discovered her name; Mary.

I had subtly been watching her as I had left to small talk with Eirik. I was drawn to her waist which I could see - now her outdoor clothing was removed - was tiny. My hands may have been able to close almost all the way around it, I imagined. Her button pert, her thighs tight and firm underneath her thick leggings. I wouldn't have been so drawn to it, yet her fiery red hair was tightly plaited sitting just below the small of her back, pulling my attention there. And I am only a little embarrassed to say that as she sat down beside and her shirt pulled against her I found my gaze caught on the curve of her breasts.
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That last, your writing is really good and unique
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5 & 6 sheer brought everything together nicely. I hope there's more where you found this!
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Hmm... really a very nice romantic and sexy story smiley
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A great, sexy read. Well done.
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3&4 nicely done...arousing without being pornographic
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Great start, great storytelling...keep it coming
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Enjoying the story so far. Looking forward to reading more of it. smiley