diary of a secret feeder

week 0: the scheme

I've been dating Cathy for 2 years. We met in college and we became close friends during our orientation week. It took 2 years for both of us to realize our feelings for each other but we eventually figured it out and junior year we started dating. Now we're a year out of college and in general things are great.

Now to back up, I have been into feederism since high school. While most dudes went home and fapped to pornhub or something, I was scouring the archives of dimensions forums and fantasy feeder. Before I started dating Cathy, I definitely validated my love for larger women. I started dating Emily in HS the second she came back from Sophomore summer up 40 pounds, all settling in her soft white thighs. That girl couldn't help overeating. She was a former swimmer who never learned to move past the swimmer's diet. She gained the whole time we dated, and she embodied the idea of "thick as oatmeal". But that's another story.

Cathy and I are perfect together in every way, except she's just not a big girl. She's not skinny either. Cathy is a solid 145 lbs if I had to guess. She's got more of a pear shape and she's very proud of her slightly plump rear. Between her very Italian father and her Wisconsin petite mom its unclear where she gets her curves from. Cathy is a bit insecure about the size of her breasts though. She's always wanted more than the B cups she has. Otherwise Cathy's has beautiful brown hair, and olive skin that is so smooth to touch. Honestly she looks like a normal sized Big Cutie Margot.

Cathy does love to eat but she's been socialized so hard to watch her figure. I've tested the waters and I don't think I'd ever be able to convince her to gain straight up. However, in the 2 years we've been together she's gained 20 pounds and she doesn't seem to mind. It seems she's busy enough to not care about passively gaining weight.

Cathy and I don't live together. I work in software and she's getting a dentistry degree. She lives with two friends; Tina her friend from Dentistry School and Kelly her childhood best friend. Tina is a petite mexican girl, at best 120 pounds. She's barely a hair over 5 feet tall. She gained a bit in the summer, maybe 10 pounds, revealing a cute little pooch of a tummy, however she quickly went on an extreme diet to ruin that development. Its sad because Tina has a big soft spot for cookies that if they right guy came along could definitely be exploited for some gaining. Tina appears to be very shy at first glance, but when you get to know her you discover a fiery and sassy woman with a unique intensity.

Tina and Cathy have subtly bonded over their shared insecurity over their boob size. Tina's A cups are nothing to pay attention to. Kelly's D cups are a shared envy of both of them. Kelly is a half jewish white girl. At best she is 5-8 lbs heavier than Cathy, all her weight goes to her chest though. While not big, Kelly is very insecure about her weight, she considers it the primary reason she hasn't ever had a boyfriend. Kelly also hates physical activities and as such doesn't really do anything that would lead to a reduction in her weight.

Now I'm a red blooded 'm a guy, so I can't help but fantasize. Especially in 2017 when we have such amazing feedism content on the internet. Its hard to read Molly Coddles stories like "Alice". I can't help Tina, Cathy and Kelly swelling up to be the Alice, Jen and Laurie of my life. Three swelling bimbos happy to eat and grow. That sounds like the dream. But to quote Michael Scott (Wayne Gretzkey), "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take".

So you know what, fuck it I'm gonna get my dream. I'm betting Cathy won't notice or even care about a few extra pounds if they came passively. If I could secretly get her to gain, I could have the perfect girl of my dreams. Is it wrong? Yeah, but sometimes people don't know what they are gonna like until they try it.

So I scoured the internet. I needed a way of getting Cathy to gain consistently. I only see her 2 or 3 times a week so I couldn't rely on something like spiking all her food with heavy cream and butter. I spent time reading papers on medications and weight gain. If I can chemically treat her food supply every so often, I can probably get her to gain. To do this I'll have to spike all of the roommates, not just Cathy, since they share food. But if anything, that should make it easier. If all 3 are gaining, they'll feel less pressure to address it.

Anti depressants were an initially promising lead. Lots of studies connecting them to weight gain. The side effects did scare me off that idea, I want a plumper GF, not a dead or manic one. I eventually ended up landing on estrogen as the supplement of choice. Many women gain weight while on birth control due to estrogen. Estrogen supplements are easy to get because many women use them to treat menopause symptoms. The side effects are minor and infrequent and the effects seem great. Higher libido, weight gain, and breast enlargement. A lot of forums online confirmed estrogen had increased breast size. There are even a lot of transgender people using the supplements to get larger breasts as they transition from male to female.

Next I searched for appetite stimulants. I found some body building supplements that are supposed to disable the hormone in the brain that signals fullness. Lots of guys on bodybuilding.com swear by it, so I'm hopeful it will work.

Last I purchased some butt enhancement drops off amazon. It seems too good to be true and will probably be snake oil but there were hundreds of reviews from people who claimed it worked. If I could plump up these girls, specializing on their asses, I can't pass up trying.

I couldn't help but fantasize about Cathy being 100 pounds heavier. At 250 lbs her ass would jiggle with every step. She'd knock things over with it as she turns in her apartment. I even fantasized about the school needing to order special scrubs to fit over her huge ass. She loves grinding on me and I think it would change my life to be experiencing that with an extra 100 pounds. Cathy's favorite position is doggy too. Its like she was made to have a blimped up ass. But if the estrogen works, that could be a game changer too. Cathy's always wanted me to titty *** but her tits aren't large enough. An enlargement could change our whole routine in the bedroom. She has very sensitive nipples and loves to have me suck on them. She'd definitely want to focus on them if they were getting larger.

But back on topic, I'm figuring out how to actually get these girls to consume this stuff. I'm thinking I'll grind the estrogen tablets into a powder that I can dissolve in their milk and the creme they use in their coffee every morning. The appetite stimulant comes in gel tablets but the contents look like spices. If I grind them up a bit more I can spike all their cooking spices (pepper, cayenne, oregano, etc) with this stuff. I can add drops of the butt enhancement liquid to all their meats, bread, and other staples I know they will use. If I visit twice a week and repeat the process in the middle of the night while they sleep, they'll never notice.

Next chapter, I'll tell you how it goes when I try to spike the items for the first time. Hopefully I don't get caught and hopefully I can pull this off.
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Dal El 7 months
Did you really do this in real life?
Kamina 8 months
I kinda look forward to reading a continuation of your efforts. May you know stealth & they little more.
BoyWonder88 8 months
When you described dimensions site and here, along with the Gretzky quote I felt as if I was talking to myself lol. Awesome so far!!!!!
riptoryx 8 months
I think a lot of us have probably had similar fantasies at one time or another. ; )
Great start!!
Looking forward to more.