the human milking farm

chapter 1

Alena was 22. She was usually very active and fit now adays. As her previous self was quite the porker. She used to weigh 300 pounds but now resides at 120 pounds. She jogs to and from work, if its raining or showing she bikes, she was happy. While she did miss her days in highschool just pigging out and feeling full, she knew it couldn't last forever. She had to go to college and make something of herself. So she dropped the weight and became an accountant. Yes, Alena was happy.

But one day something changed Alena. Something shell never forget. One day while out on her jog to work she saw a white van. At first she thought nothing of it and continued her jog. But then it started following her. Her jog started to turn into a sprint. The van still followed. Her sprint turned into a full on run. She had no clue what the people in that van wanted but she knew it wouldn't be good. She thought she had almost lost them until something hit her in the butt. It was a dart. Alena started to feel weak and whoosy. She fell to the ground with a thud.

When she woke up she found that she was strapped to a chair. She tried to scream for help but found a mask attached to her face. The mask covered her mouth and had a small chamber in the front. She looked around and found 2 other girls next to her. Both of them bound and masked like her. They looked just as scared and confused as she was. A man in a white coat then entered.
"Hello, dears."
He said as he gave a smile. Alena and the girls knew thus wouldn't be good.
"I run this operation. Here we take skinny little things like you, feed them to the brim, and milk them. "
The man said. Alena's heart sank in fear. Feedings?! She was already too fat in highschool and most of college and they're gonna make her fat again?! She had little time to object as the man stuck a hose into the chambers of their masks.
"There's only one rule: Obey every order given. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go check on our other cows."
And with that the man left. Suddenly a whiring sound could be heard. And just as suddenly Alena could taste a rich cream going down her throat. She hated this kind of cream. It made her want to vomit. But she was stuck there now. So she may as well eat what she's being forced. The other girls dont look happy about the situation. They were trying to break free. Alena was trying to as well but to no avail. Their fates were sealed.
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Jazzyholton 6 months
Continue on with this story! Itís going somewhere
billy 8 months
Continue on please
There's something about forced fattening that gets me every time . . . thank you.
pearlover90 9 months
Dark , Twisted , and corrupted , I like this kind of stories , Continue on ;D
You might check out the story I began writing 2 days ago if you want smiley