the house

chapter 1

I finished my midterm, and placed it on my teacher's desk. Rushing back to my seat, I grabbed my bag, and headed outside. It was a wonderful October day, and fall was in the air. I started my walk off campus and noticed more and more halloween decorations being put up. Soon I approached the house next to mine, only to hear calls for help from under the car. I rushed over to a man working on his car.

"Hi, do you need help?" I asked quickly.

"Yes," he said rolling himself out from under the car, he had some sort of black oil covering his face, "Please help me get inside and wash my face!"

I grabbed him by the arm and led him to his house. After he opened the door, he rushed around a corner and disappeared. I shrugged and turned to leave, only to find that the door was jammed. After struggling for a few minutes I decided to try to find him.

I walked around the base floor of his house for a few, passing a nice dining table, and a living room before ending up at the kitchen. There was a small table with one chair facing a sliding glass door, and a door across from it that was slightly propped open.

I walked to the door and swung it open. It seemed to lead to the basement, but I was distracted by the awful stench of old sweat and body odor. But before I could react, I felt a firm hand push me into the darkness below.

After tumbling down the stairs I landed on a squishy substance, but that was the least of my worries as the smell was almost unbearable. I tried to sit up, but my hair was caught on something. A light from halfway up the stairs cast a dim light down to the basement as I saw a shadowy figure lurking in the doorway I had just fallen from. He slammed the door shut leaving the light on and allowing me to see the disturbing surroundings.

Dozens of morbidly obese people piled on top of each other, with tubes going from the ceiling directly to their mouths. I tried to get up as quickly as I could, but I was yanked by down by my hair. I turned to see one of the people holding my hair in a death grip. Out of nowhere an intense weight pressed down on my torso, I turned my head to see an enormous arm pinning me to the person I had landed on. As much as I struggled there was no way to escape. I kicked and screamed, but soon the mass I was lying adjusted one of its legs to crush mine between theirs. I continued to scream and struggle as another fat covered arm hovered over my head, before smothering my nose and mouth in fat, muffling me and preventing my from breathing.

Completely helpless I continued to struggle and tried to scream but I was running short on air. Another arm heaved itself into the dark above me, and started to return with a tube of its own. My eyes went wide as I struggle the best I could. The arm covering my nose and mouth was removed and I gulped in air, only to have it replaced by the tube. A thick liquid started to flow towards my mouth, and now I struggled more than ever, but it just seemed to make my captors jiggle. The liquid was fast approaching my mouth, and the second it touched my tongue,

I woke up.
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karenjenk 7 months
Holy shit. that started like a horror story. It moved fast and furious too. I liked how you wrote it though it was repulsive.

This sounds like a set up for more and i hope so. near the end of page two your description and writing is.... crazy grea
chrisart 7 months
Ok soooo page one was soooo freakin intense. page two is an excellent set up to what is. hopefully, to come