ageplay slave - breeding me - episode 6

chapter 1

This is another story that I wrote and published on Smashwords... I'm still working on it.
Ag ain, it's a new topic.
I hope you enjoy.

Episode 1 Taming Me

Chapter 1

I've always been wild and headstrong.
Small wonder. My life started out pretty rotten. But I guess I could say I'm still one of those fortunate few. My dad died of an overdose when I was three and two years later, my mother was arrested for dealing in something.
So at five years old, I was tossed into foster care. It was there that my luck started to change. I ended up with a nice family that really accepted me as one of their own. I had my own room and nice clothes. Although I sometimes felt like an outsider, life was pretty good, (mostly). I'd inherited my mother's good looks and by the time I was thirteen, I had a nice figure and I was damn cute.
But then, there was a shift in my life that changed everything. My foster family had to move and I was transferred to another home. The new lady was OK, but there was something about her husband and the way he was looking at me. Being good looking began to turn ominous.
Anybody with half a brain could see it coming and so could I. But what could I say. I was almost fifteen when the bum hit up on me. Who would have believed me? So, I did what most kids in my position would do. I ran away.
But again, I was lucky. In Montana, I managed to get a job waitressing in a truck stop. The hours were long and the pay was low, but the owners were nice. They even found a room for me. They spoke about helping me get back to school and about working toward my GED and more.
At the same time, I was learning about tips. I quickly learned on how to give the rich daddy's a big smile and how to bend over at the right time. Sometimes, I'd let him see a little something. This made for some very nice tips. By the time I was seventeen, I thoroughly understood the power of my smile and my hips. The boys were always coming on to me and it was a constant chore to keep them at bay. But for some reason, older men seemed more attractive to me during this time. Maybe, it was the tips.

And then, it ended. There was a fire. Hot grease set it off or something. I stood there crying along with the owners watching all our hopes go up in smoke. My room and all my possessions were lost. And there I stood in my waitress uniform with nothing but a few lousy tips in my pocket. The owners gave me all the extra cash they could spare and then, it was a tearful goodby. They never rebuilt. And I was back on the road.
I celebrated my eighteenth birthday on the road in a semi truck with a candle in a cupcake and a shot of vodka. I think the driver was hoping to pour more vodka into me. But that was just as we made a stop for fuel. It was obvious what that greasy old lecher had in mind. So while he was inside paying his bill, this eighteen-year-old virgin, ex-waitress, bought a ticket on the bus and took off.
And that was my Goddamn eighteenth birthday.
Yes. It hadn't been easy to keep my legs together. I'd let a few boys get to first and second base. But, no home runs. No, sir. Not this kid. Putting it crudely, I'd decided that I'd only spread my legs for love and it was another year until that day.
I'd made it to the Hollywood area and again, I was waitressing. As my world began to stabilize, I started taking evening classes at the local school thinking maybe I could earn my GED.
Then, I added an acting class. Although it wouldn't contribute to getting my GED, it was fun and I seemed to have a flair for it. For a few hours each week, I could become someone else. My acting roles ranged from a scatter brained cheerleader to a disgruntled housewife to an alcoholic bag lady to a truck driver.
Truth be known, I was terribly naive about life and the acting really exposed me to so much more.
And then, came the kissing. I don't think it was as necessary to understand all the details in kissing as Mr. Wilson claimed. But then, you never know.
"How many times," Mr. Wilson said, "have you seen sloppy, slobbering kissing on TV... Where people just kind of mouth over each other and never really kiss?"
So... All's I can say is, I learned a lot. (Snicker... Snicker...)
Another way to put it, is that I studied really hard (One more Snicker...). I kissed guys and women and my arm and the mirror. I kissed skinny guys and chubby women and you name it, even Mr. Wilson. He was kind of like a final exam. But the best kisser was this mousy little guy named Alex. He had this most amazing tongue...
So... Now I know how to kiss a man until he turns to butter (and look good for the audience, too). Got an 'A' in kissing. (But, there were times when I wondered about Wilson, too.)
And so now, I think I'm a pretty good kisser (or is that a kisserette). Well, enough said.
But the real benefit to this class was meeting people. There was this strong, handsome guy in my class, Raul. He was magnificent. Good looking. Tall. Strong. Self assured. Not a bad kisser, either.
Raul was third generation Cuban. His grandparents had fled when Castro took power.
We hit it off so well in class that we began to stop for coffee afterward. This led to an occasional date. And finally, there was this one night. I could feel the growing dampness between my legs. My body was aching. There was a fluttering in my belly that seemed to grow every time he and I were together. So, eventually, I let him take me up to his apartment. But common, he was so smooth. He knew so much. I felt like a school girl when I was with him and it was so obvious that he cared for me. I wanted him so. I wanted him to be the one.
It was time that I surrender to a man and join my sisters in all of womanhood in feeling the miracle of letting my body unite with a man. And yet, I was afraid. Me, the girl who used to titillate boys and lead them on and let them hang and now... I was afraid.
"Is it time?" he asked quietly as we sat on his sofa.
But, he obviously already knew the answer to his question.
A chill swept through me. Anticipation, fear, hunger, my body began to tremble as emotions flooded through me. Would it hurt? Was he truly the right one?
I closed my eyes and tried to nod. But, I don't know if my head actually moved or not. Then, I felt his hands unbuttoning my blouse. I wanted to respond in kind, but felt paralyzed. I finally managed to turn and face my lover as his fingers opened my last button and he slipped my blouse off.
Our eyes met and I leaned into him and we kissed. I needed that. I needed to feel his love.
I let my hand slide between his legs and then slowly move it higher the same way I'd done with many boys in the past. It had been fun to play with their desires, to feel their little erection, to tease them to the edge and then, to bend down and take that little cock in my mouth and listen to them moan and feel them thrash until they'd left their essence in my mouth. It only took a minute and I didn't mind swallowing it. They didn't know it but that was the only way they'd ever get their juice into me.
But now, I was with a real man. The bulge in his trousers was massive and it frightened me. Soon, he'd expect to push it into me and I'd no longer be a virgin. But this was what I wanted. Didn't I?
Raul reached behind me and unclasped my bra. Our eyes met again as I watched him gaze at my naked top.
Now, I felt shy, embarrassed. I wasn't big on top. In fact, I was a little lopsided as many women are. Were my breasts pretty enough? Could I be adequate? Would I be too small down below?
Yet, this powerful man seemed to sense my apprehension and stood. He took my hand and guided me to his bedroom and mesmerized by the moment, I followed.
But yes, I still wanted to have him.
He quickly removed his shirt and then leaned down to kiss me again and then took me into his arms and drew me close. Our skin came together and the musky odor of a real man penetrated my senses. A chill ran through me. I could feel the dampness between my legs and the fluttering in my belly.
Then his hands were on my skirt and in an instant, I was stepping out of it and my panties and there I stood, totally naked, totally vulnerable, totally his.
Everything began to blur. Then I realized, I was lying in his bed and this huge bare man was next to me with his hand spreading my legs.
"You're dripping," he whispered and moved over me.
"Wait!" I wanted to shout, "Foreplay! I need more foreplay!"
And then, he was above me and positioning that immense phallus between my folds. I wanted him and yet...
"No!" I wanted to say.
And then he pushed...
There was a sharp pain. And then he pushed even further and it hurt, more, much more. I felt as if he were tearing me apart. I clinched my teeth, determined not to loose the magic of the moment and slowly, it was done. I was a woman. The pain subsided to a mild ache. I wrapped my arms around him and relished in the moment of my delivery into womanhood.
After a moment, he began to move in and out of me. The friction of his great phallus using me was a mixture of pain and immense pleasure. But quickly, he began to grow larger again and then he pushed into me and the pain grew once more. Then, he stopped and held me tight, crushing me and I knew what he was leaving inside me...
And I became complete.
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