the most popular girl in school

1: kate's first day

Kate was almost at her new school, she double-checked her makeup and hair in the car mirror, she wanted to have a good impression on her classmates. She was confident about her looks and body, despite the slight chub she had, she was near the school and found a parking spot conveniently close to the school. She didn't have the energy to walk far this morning, she hadn't eaten breakfast in desperation of not being late on her first day!

Whilst approaching the gates, Kate noticed everyone around her was, large, to say the least. Everyone seemed to be giants over Kate, Kate hadn't felt so small since middle school. She shrugged it off and walked through the gates and into the doors.

Kate had missed a term at her new school, so she had a private meeting with the principle to introduce her to the new school. She wandered around aimlessly and after turning around to a curiously wide corridor, saw something magical...

A group of 5 or 6 girls waddled in Kate's direction. They made a wall of flesh that Kate couldn't pass until they had passed. Each girl was at least 3 times Kate's size. The girl in the middle amazed Kate the most, she was good looking, no doubt. Her light brown skin, brown hair and chocolate brown eyes matched perfectly, her face was round and despite how huge she was, no double chin was present. She wore a crop top, exposing three huge rolls of fat that wobbled whenever she moved. Kate was amazed she was so confident to wear a crop top at her size. Kate realised she was staring at the girls stomach too much, and looked away, scared she made the girl self conscious.

As they came closer Kate realised they were all eating. The biggest girl was taking huge bites out of an oversized muffin and talked to her friends, spraying food everywhere. Kate found herself enjoying it, watching the 6 girls stuff their faces so freely, none of them clearly cared about their weight, she thought...

Just before the girls passed Kate so she could finally cross the corridor, the main one stopped, and stared at her. Kate smiled awkwardly. The main girl walked up to Kate. Kate gulped. "Haven't seen you around," the girl said, her voice was pleasant and Kate could hear her talk all day.
"I'm new here," Kate spoke, she found herself not making eye contact with any of the girls, she was normally great at socialising. All the girls started laughing, one started choking on their muffin.
"That explains it," one said.
"Explains what?" Kate demanded
"Doesn't matter, you're already way too far behind,"
"Behind what?" Kate said, puzzled. But none of the girls told her, they walked away, laughing loudly. Kate walked the rest of the way to the principles office, the whole time thinking of what those girls said...

"Greetings Kate!" Principle Cherry said, she was a thin woman, with short, red hair.
"Good morning, miss," Kate said, mind still in thought.
What did them girls mean? What am I behind in? Are my clothes out of fashion? Is my hair too long? Am I too short?
"Understand, Kate?" The principle said, Kate jumped.
"Uh, yeah, thanks miss!" Kate hurried out, still wondering what those girls meant...

On the way to first period, EVERYONE WAS FAT. Whether they were chubby or obese, everyone was overweight, and EVERYONE was more overweight than Kate, which was new for her. Her first lesson was English, and when she got in and took the empty desk, everyone stared at her. Kate assumed it was because she was new, but it felt like they were looking at someone else...

"Everyones staring at you, ya know," the girl to the right of Kate whispered, Kate looked at her. She didn't know how to respond.
"Ya know why?" the girl asked. Kate once again, didn't know how to respond. The girl laughed. Kate noticed she too, was also fat. By now it was the norm.

"Have you not noticed a similarity between everyone here?" the girl asked, beckoning to everyone in the room, "We're all fat." Kate raised her brow, this didn't answer anything.
"And you're not. Probs cos ya just got here, but you need to get fat, pronto,"
Kates eyes widened, she needs to get fat? "Why?" Kate yelped, everyone stared at her, harder than before.
"Just give me your number, I'll link ya to a site." The mystery girl said. Kate nodded, she needed answers.
"I'm Jane by the way, see ya around,"
Kate was too puzzled to reply.
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