a night to remember

bare beginnings

Penelope gave a sigh, shaking her silky, loose curls out of her face as she pushed the heavy door, then sucked in a breath at the cold air that rushed into her lungs. "Great," she thought to herself, "I'll be late home again, and the food'll be cold." Not that she needed more food, she reminded herself. As of late, she had been gaining some weight. Her hips rose up to become a tight little waist, and from there bloomed outward to a full bust. She let out her breath, turning up the collar of her tan leather jacket against the brisk wind, and listened to the sound of her own boots as she began heading homeward.
As she turned a corner, a thought hit her head. If she took the alleyway between streets, she'd get home faster, and she'd be more sheltered from the wind. Penelope's warm, amber brown eyes searched the streets. Something didn't sit quite right with her, but she shook off the feeling and ducked into the alleyway. Darkness seemed to envelope her, and she pulled her jacket tighter around her. It didn't seem to fit her frame the way she used to. Could it be she had gained more weight again? But this jacket was new! She shook her head, absorbed in her thoughts.
Suddenly, with a sharp thrill of fear, she realized that her footsteps were being doubled. She dared not turn around, but instead kept her pace, hoping not to alert her attacker to her presence. Moment by moment, step by step, she grew closer to the end of the alleyway. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore, and broke out in a run. Next, a black leather clad hand blocked her vision, and a cloth was pressed to her face. Her eyes teared up as she held her breath, slowly succumbing to the heaviness in her eyelids.


Her eyes snapped open. She looked around, yet was confused by what she saw. She had been placed in a luxurious bed, soft blankets beneath her and large, fluffy pillows supporting her head. She sighed, and began to sit up, only to be yanked back down. As she tried again, she felt a tug on her chest. She lifted up her shirt, only to find herself in a padlocked leather harness of sorts. "What is this!?" She tugged at it, the straps, like a halter, wrapped around her back and criss-crossed over her chest, leaving twin gaps for her breasts. She searched it frantically, yet found no weak places in the craftsmanship where she could break free. A thought struck her. It had been placed on under her clothing, yet her clothing itself had been replaced. She was confused; looking further downward she found that her shoes had been neatly placed next to the bed and that her muddy pants had been washed and folded neatly at the foot of the bed. She tugged them on, only to find that the zipper was being stubborn again.
"Ugh, why are you being difficult!?" She scolded her pants, sucking in her belly desperately to try and button her jeans. Soon, she gave up, and lay there, panting, with her jeans wide open. She tugged her shirt down over the mocking zipper and scooted backwards, finally managing a sitting position propped against the pillows.

(What did you think, is it worth continuing? Who will our antagonist turn out to be? Please leave me a comment letting me know if you think it'd be worth it to write a second chapter.)
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Jazzyholton 4 months
Keep going!!
Definitely keep going!
Fishy fries 6 months
6/10 it is amazing but for the first chapter you need to add a bit more tension as it dosent seem that attention grabbing

sorry for the low score just trying to help yall get better
Nurne 7 months
I've had this idea a while ago, love the way you're putting it so far smiley
Anmeroth 7 months
I'm loving this already!! I can see this becoming one of my favorites! smiley
Ktm909 7 months
Omg this is a fantastic start, please do a more realistic /slow ish gain smiley
I love the start; very promising
Petefa 7 months
What a great start.has much potential!.
Definitely continue and the kidnapper could be an ex who wants her to fat to leave him again good start