the gradual change

chapter 1

Over the course of their marriage Carmen had grown from a lithe like waif and slowly but surely she gained year after year until she became the ssbbw that she was today. The change was gradual, nothing too drastic or alarming, but a sedentary lifestyle and a more than healthy appitite added up to a greatly fattened body twenty years later. She'd gained roughly 10 pounds a year during that time. She'd gone from a model like 6", 130lbs lbs to an Amazonian 350lbs. She probably would have dieted or starved herself at some point but Guy seemed to like her weight gain as he never complained, always told her how beautiful she looked, and most tellingly, the way he played with her belly and fat ass. Neither Carmen or her husband Guy ever truly discussed her weight gain, but there intense love life proved that there was no denying it. They both loved every new pound of flesh she gained.

Early on in her dating life, Carmen almost exclusively dated short and scrawny guys as she liked feeling dominant in her relationships. Her now husband Guy was the first man she ever dated that was taller and even weighed more than she. So when her gradual weightgain eventually became apparent after a few years, Carmen embraced her new body and even began to eat more as she silently agreed to get much bigger. She enjoyed the power she felt from weighing so much and taking up more space.

As she went from rail thin to average to chubby to fat, her libido increased with every new pound of flesh. She loved to crush her still thin lover under her mounds of soft and fattened flesh. Most of all, she loved being on top and so did guy. Over the years her love for the power in their sex lives grew. When her weight actually surpassed his, Carmen became much more dominant in the bedroom. Guy acquiesced to the submissive role. The fatter she became, the kinkier she let her desires grow.

When she reached three hundred pounds a few years ago, Carmen realized that when she was on top, Guy was truly stuck. She teased him and he feigned losing to her strength. The heavier she grew the more she actualized her dominance over her now tiny by comparrison husband. There was just one thing, Guy was still too strong for her to actually dominate. "But what if I got stronger and he weaker? Then I'd really be in charge", she often found herself thinking.

Year after year she grew bigger, fatter and more dominant im the bedroom. Guy for his part stayed active serving in the military until he was wounded in combat. Even after returning, he played basketball and hockey and occasionally hit the weights. As a result he kept his weight at a rock steady 215 lbs, stretched out between the six feet and five additional inches that separated his crown from his soles. Handsome athletic and trim, Guy was a wonderful husband in all ways except one.

Guy was truly good hearted but he'd always chided her for ordering fat laden meals and extra desserts. He often gave her unwanted advice as to how to curve her eating habits or lectured her about the need for more exercise. To make matters worse, he often kicked up the rheterric to asinine levels when at parties or around friends.

Eventually Carmen had had enough.

................................... ...................................

Over the next two months, Carmen began to implement a plan to make Guy see just what it was like to be helpless in growing fatter and fatter. She wanted him to know the struggle of trying to lose weight only to gain even more. She wanted to strip him of his pride and have him to feel embarrassed with his shirt off. Most of all, she wanted to be the fit one and make Guy the hopelessly fat one.

Carmen started her plan by gently limiting her own calories by only ordering one dessert instead of two or three, usually handing over the lion's share of her fattening portions to her husband to fiinish. Guy readily ate the sugary confections while explaining to her just how bad it was for her to eat sugary snacks after a large meal. He didn't even realize it, but through this little trickery, Carmen subtracted 800 to 1000 fat laden calories from her late night diet and added them to Guy's.

Carmen also limited his exercise by insisting that they go for long walks together whenever he had one of his hard core work out session planned. This worked two fold, she was getting two to three miles in a day while greatly limiting his calorie burning time.

All in all, by the end of the second month, she'd managed to loose a dress size and a whopping 10 lbs. Carmen felt better and had more energy. She'd even managed to push herself to four miles on occasion and added a vigorous weight lifting regimen to her daily exercises. While by no means a toothpick at around 340bs, Carmen look more toned and the muscles in her arms and thighs hinted from below layers of fat. Carmen looked like she had lost 25 to 30lbs because she'd added muscle while losing fat.

The initial changes to Guy's still thin and muscular frame were less stark but all the same visible to Carmen's curious eyes. Guy didn't even come close to gaining 10lbs. Infact his weight actually remained constant. Carmen was delighted as she wanted to keep up his confidence and bravado up as long as she could, before breaking him and turning him into her out of shape, obese and pathetic fuck toy.

To most other people, Guy looked exactly the same. However for Carmen, she saw all the subtle little changes in her husband. For one, his face began to fill out and entire body softened and slightly began to plump out a bit due to almost two months of sabotaged workouts and increased calorie consumption. He hadn't gained any weight, but he'd lost muscle and replaced it with fat. He didnt need to go up any pants sizes yet, but Carmen had recently caught Guy from time to time struggling to get his trousers closed. She could still see his bloody six pack, but it was now covered in a thin and growing layer of adipose tissue. Carmen often wondered just how long it would be before those nasty looking muscles were completely obscured by his growing fat. Carmen liked what she saw and thought it was high time to step up her game.

..................................... .................................

At the beginning of the second month of her little experiment, Carmen began to work exclusively from home. Her excuse to Guy was that she could get her work done much more easily from home and it left her more time for them to workout as a couple and to make passionate love. She promised to make herself modest and metabolism boosting foods. While this was absolutely true she had bigger plans, much bigger plans for Guy.

First of all she now had complete and continuous control over the kitchen as Guy was already lazy when it came to cooking and preparing meals. Carmen still continued to make them both nutritional meals but she ever so gradually increased Guy's portions, carefully making them just a little bit larger every day.

She also continued at Guy's insistence that they continue drinking protein shakes to speed up metabolism. Her shakes were made according to the specific instructions left by her still bossy husband. She found the concoction of chocolate protein, metabolism boosting supplements and appitite suppressants a bit revolting, they were no where in the realm of deliciousness. However, her lack of hunger, boosted metabolism and extra energy were not to be denied.

As for Guy's shakes, they were laden with heavy cream, bananas, penutbutter and an appitite stimulator and metabolism inhibitor. If he noticed the difference, he never said anything except once or twice he mentioned just how good the new formula tasted. Gradually she increased his saving sizes until she'd conditioned him to drink three 64oz nutrional drinks a day with her, on top of his usual portions.

After two months of limiting her calories and daily increasing cardio and muscle building routines, Carmen added roughly five more pounds of muscle while simultaneously dropping another 20lbs of pure fat. At 325lbs, she was still a very large woman, but she'd gone down another dress size and even her typically sardonic husband recently admitted sincerely that Carmen was doing well on her diet. Guy he commented that her workout clothes seemed to be falling off of her these days.

Guy's consumption of roughly 8000 calories a day compiled with a drastic drop in cardio and weighlifting were beginning to become more evident by the day. By the end of the third month it was undeniable to everyone else but Guy that he was starting to get fat and out of shape. And by the end of the fourth month even Guy was forced to admit that he'd recently gained a few pounds. Yet Guy's ego and bravado still kept him from understanding the true damage that he'd done to both body both in weight gain and muscle loss, not to mention the drastic slowing of his once vaunted metabolism.
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