the weight of the world

a city of food

It was 4 months since the new Island city had been built and it had been a huge deal. A billionaire had decided to built a new city, using the latest technology he promised to provide everything that you desired.

I had managed to buy a place there. It was a lot of money, but it looked worth it. I got off the plane and look around, the city was huge, towering skyscrapers everywhere, with food ads plastering all the walls. I walked out of the airport and looked at my address, I was on the edge of town. Called for a cab and immediately one came, however, as I got in, I realised that it had no driver. I got in and the cab drove off. I got out and went into my new house. It was big, with 4 floors. I went in and a voice, 'Good evening Amy. Do you need anything'. Surprised by the voice eventually asked where my bedroom was.

After getting changed I decided to look around the city. So I took a cab into the centre of town. There I saw everyone was huge, with food everywhere I noticed that everyone was constantly eating. I then spotted someone waving at me, it was the receptionist at my new job. I went over confused, it was 12:00 on Monday she should of been at work, instead she was eating in a pizza restaurant. 'Hey there, I'm Molly' she beamed at me. She look far larger than when I'd talked to her just 2 weeks ago, with her arse spilling over her jeans, a stomach that was pushing her top upwards and breast that spilled over her bra, she looked around 200lbs. 'I'm Amy. Shouldn't you be at work?', I asked.
'I am silly' she said smiling. Seeing my confused face she explained, 'everyone has robots to do most of their work for them, any phone calls or emails I can do without the use of an office'. Intrigued I asked if I had one, 'yes you do, just keep your phone and computer on you during the day and you have basically done your job'.

Sitting down next to her I looked around, everyone it seemed was over 200lbs, I was clearly the smallest one in the restaurant at 170lbs. This was strange because I had always been the chubby one at school. Molly noticing me looking around said 'It's all any can do. You go to a restaurant during work time, then after work you go out to eat again and the on the weekend you'll usually go to the cinema or a restaurant as well'. Turning on my phone, I looked at the menu, well I thought if everyone else is doing it. I chose a large pepperoni pizza and a coke. It arrived less than 3 minutes latter carried by a robot waiter. It smelt amazing, I tuck in feeling the warm creamy pizza flow gently, into my stomach.

I ate the pizza while constantly questioning Molly about this strange place. I had finished and was about to leaving to see more of the city when Molly gave me some advice, 'hey, by the way the bigger are you the more attractive you are to the men around here'. Thanking her left the restaurant. Walking I realised that I was still hungry. Then I saw a shop, I bought 20 donuts and 10 hotdogs and wolfed them down on the way back home. Collapsing on the couch I feel asleep. Not noticing my stomach was now clearly visible and my arse was flowing out of my stretched pants.
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ReallyBeefy 8 months
You really need to space this better.
It is very discouraging when a story is just a brick of text.
Very promising
pearlover90 9 months
Can't wait for more , do it now !!
Promising start! But work at the pacing.