the thin boy who wants to be fat

chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a boy. He was very skinny. By the tenth, he found obese boys attractive. He wanted to be the same as she.
He started eating more. He gets 5 kilos of fat. He ate more. He gets another 10 kilos of fat. And so it went well until his big belly was almost hanging over his underpants. He still ate a lot, but now the weight gain stopped. He could not eat anymore because he made it secretly in his room. He wanted to get thicker, but how? He started spending his money eating, and his weight increased again. Now his belly is clearly hanging over his underpants. He was happy. But with puberty began
to reduce its weight. He was still quite fat, but not as fat as first. On his eighteenth birthday, he weighed 200 pounds and his BMI was now 28, so overweight but not obese. Now that he was grown and lived alone, he could eat so much as he will. Sunday he always called Stuffing Sunday, after that he ate 10 hot dogs for breakfast, two big pizzas for lunch and at dinner 4 more pizzas. Now he quickly became thicker. After a year, he weighed 250 pounds because he consumed an average of 5000 kilocalories per day. On his twentieth birthday, he weighed 315 pounds. Now he was happy. He played every day with his big belly that haves a perimeter of 55 inch. Later, he met another man, who also loves a thick man's belly. They went to live together. Every day they stuffing the thicker, making him even more fat. Eventually he weighed 400 pounds. His partner also wanted to be fat to be. And get fatter. Eventually he weighed 300 pounds.
But the thinner man was not happy. He wanted to lose weight again. And he did. He was stronger and so he became the boss. He stuffed the thicker every day so much that he had to surrender: he had to eat 5 pizzas, 20 hot dogs, 3 liters of cola and 25 donuts a day. If he did not, he was punished, with 3 liters of extra chocolate milk poured into tubes. He almost exploded. But he liked it. He grew so fast that he weighed 550 pounds after one year. His belly had become huge. He was now fully dependent on the thinner man. His BMI was now 77. Now he had to do nothing more, the thinner man did everything.

To be continued
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