blackmailing sister veronica

chapter 1: the midnight feast

Blackmailing Sister Veronica

"It's my birthday, goddamit! Why should there be a freakin' chocolate cake for the Bishop and nothing for me!"

"It's wrong to steal."

"Shut up, Sophia! It's MY birthday and I'm in charge of this one. 'Sides, I'm 18, a legal adult for god's sake, and I'm entitled to a celebration."

Anna looked nervous, "You're going to get us in trouble again, I just know it."

Mary glanced around us and smiled that slow evil grin she got when she knew she was being bad. Then she pulled them in closer and started planning how to sneak in and demolish the cake before the Bishop could get any the next day.

"Well," the Reverend Mother slid her rosary beads through her fingers with a jerk, "What are they up to?"

"I - I don't know."

"That is NOT the answer I'm looking for, Sister Veronica! You are entirely too lax with these girls. Mary is clearly the ring-leader and she's up to something, I can see it in her eyes and by the way she's talking with her friends.

Sister Veronica tried to explain.

"Don't stutter or babble, I've had enough. You spoil them, let them get away with everything. You're a postulant, Sister Veronica, and if you wish to take vows then I strongly suggest you get this handled. Am I clear?"

"Yes, Reverend Mother."

Mary's face was smeared with chocolate as she dug into the cake with two hands. She smacked her lips loudly and scooped more cake into her wide open mouth. Her friends were more hesitant, constantly looking over their shoulders and taking timid bites they only pretended to enjoy.

Then they froze, hearing the swish of a nun's habit as Sister Veronica strode out of the pantry where she'd been hiding, a triumphant grin on her pretty face. "Caught you!"

The sister paused, then gazed shrewdly at the other two girls. "Mary talked you into it. It's all right, I won't make you say it, but we know it's true, don't we? Well, I believe in forgiveness, I'll let you go right now if you make a vow that you'll never misbehave or follow her example again." She gave them a level gaze, "or we can wake Reverend Mother and let her decide."

Sophia broke first, "I promise, Sister Veronica."

Anna stood quickly, "Me, too. I mean, I promise."

Then they both hurried off without even a glance at Mary, whose face and hands were still sticky with cake and frosting.

Mary stood up and walked to the sink.

"Where do you think you're going, Mary?"

"To wash up so I can get sent back to my room and punished."

"No. You're a thieving greedy little pig, look at you! Stealing from the Reverend Mother, stealing from the Bishop! Why did you do it, Mary? You would have gotten a piece after dinner with all of the girls."
"Didn't want a piece, wanted the cake. Now punish me so I can wash up and go to bed."

"Sit down, Mary. You wanted the cake, then you can have it and THAT is your punishment."

Mary sat slowly, reached a hesitant hand out to the cake, took a handful and hesitated.

"Eat up, Piggy!"

Suddenly Mary grinned and dove back into the cake, angrily shoving handfuls of cake into her mouth so that crumbs and frosting dripped and spattered onto her breasts while Sister Veronica watched, her mouth slightly open, breathing quickly.

A quarter of an hour passed, Mary was flushed and sweating, with most of the sheet cake eaten. "I can't eat any more."

"Yes you can. You were happy enough to steal it and ruin it with your hands." Her voice sharpened, "Finish it!"

Mary was gasping, hand curving slowly cramming each last bit in. A moment later she leaned back, a sheen of sweat on her forehead when Sister Veronica angrily scraped the pan with her hand and thrust her hand against Mary's lips. "All of it! Every last bit!"

Mary's mouth opened slowly she licked Sister Veronica's hand clean, sucking and nipping the pads of her fingers while Sister Veronica's breath hissed inward a moment before she snatched her hand away. Then Sister Veronica washed her hands and returned to see Mary leaning back, fumbling at the zipper of her skirt which cut painfully into her newly bulging belly.

"Oh no you don't! You just sit there, you've committed the sin of gluttony, so you don't get to lean back and be comfortable! Finish the cake!" Mary looked puzzled, and Sister Veronica gestured angrily at the crumbs and frosting on her blouse and Mary began slowly licking her fingers and using them to scoop up frosting. She gave a tired sigh, sucking slowly on a finger when she glanced up and saw Sister Veronica, flushed, her eyes fevered, staring.

"You're turned on, you are totally getting off on this!"

Sister Veronica's face went white. She stood so fast the chair toppled over and she grabbed Mary by the upper arm, "How dare you!" An instant later she shoved Mary over to the counter, grabbed a spatula hanging off the rack, tugged Mary's panties down and began spanking her firm round bottom." I - do - not - enjoy this!"

Mary whimpered, "My back."

Sister Veronica reached out, supporting the heavy curve of Mary's new fat belly, fingers splayed around the hard heat while Mary's breasts were pressed against the counter. She felt the tingling jolt of the spatula smacking Mary's ass hit her right in her own core. She stopped and backed away, the spatula falling through her nerveless fingers.

Mary's voice sounded suddenly childlike, "My tummy hurts."

"I-I'll see what I can do." Slowly Sister Veronica approached and cautiously began rubbing Mary's belly. Mary moaned softly, pressing her ass back up against Sister Veronica, demanding more and suddenly Sister Veronica's hand cupped and smoothed, rubbed and caressed, both breathing deeply in pleasure.

A long time passed and Mary moved to stand. "I should wash up." She glanced at Sister Veronica, her eyes downcast but gave her a coy look, "Would you help me, Sister?"

Sister Veronica silently guided her to the sink, turned on the water and began washing her face tenderly. Using a sponge to wipe the crumbs off her breasts then Mary captured her hand. "I wonder why they do that?"

"Do what?"

"Get hard like that." She took the sponge from Sister Veronica and quickly placed the Sister's hand against her taut nipple. Veronica's fingers tensed and suddenly she rolled the hard bud between her fingers and Mary sighed and leaned her head back. "Warm me up, would you."

Veronica put both hands over her nipples.

"More, please."

And Veronica leaned down, opened her mouth and breathed warm breath against the nipple and began suckling it warm through Mary's blouse and bra then shifted and warmed the other. Mary moaned softly in the back of her throat, almost a purr, and Veronica's head shot up.

"You should, you should, go to bed now."

Mary pouted, "My tummy still hurts. If you rub it one more time I won't tell Reverend Mother."

Sister Veronica's eyes went wide. "If I do, will you promise?"

Mary smiled, "Rub my belly and I won't tell her."

"Well, all right then."

Mary smiled again, "Don't pretend you don't like it." She led the way to the table, well aware of her belly moving with each swing of her hips. "You sit back here."

Veronica sat, suddenly nervous and Mary quickly straddled her lap, her belly pressed against Veronica, her eyes wide in feigned innocence. "So you can reach better." Veronica's touch was hesitant. "You know how I like it." And suddenly Veronica let her hands swoop and fondle and lift the hard jut of Mary's stuffed belly while Mary moaned her pleasure.

Their eyes met.

Mary's voice was oddly shy, "Could you give me a birthday present, wish me Happy Birthday?" She took one of Veronica's hands in both of hers.

Now Veronica's voice was shy, "Happy Birthday, Mary."

Mary suddenly thrust Veronica's hand up against her dripping pussy and Veronica's fingers stiffened, struggling for release, but Mary widened her legs and Veronica's fingers slid up inside, her struggles only arousing Mary who twisted and ground against her hand until she came with a growl, fell against Veronica then bit and suckled her neck.

Veronica pushed her face away from her neck. "Look what you've done!"

Mary was still panting, "Don't worry, I promise I won't tell." She met Veronica's eyes, "If you bring me another cake."
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Naughty nuns with a fat twist. . .brilliant!
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