chapter 1

Sam stumbled as she got out of the Uber. She tried to gain her composure as she looked up at the addresses on the dark street.

Sam had gone out after work for happy hour and when she went home four hours later she was horny and she did what she had been doing more frequently when was drunk and horny. She gave into her dark fetish that absolutely no one in her life knew about.

John and Sam had met on an internet fetish website. They were both into several fetishes that centered around fat. Sam in particular wanted to fattened against her will by a man. Sam was 28 years old, 5'2" tall and 130 pounds. She struggled to maintain her frame and did so by hours and hours in the gym each week. She was scared to death of getting fat but her dark secret was that the thought of getting so big she could barely walk was the only thing that really turned her on. She was able to suppress these feelings for much of her young adult life but recently the urge to indulge in her Fantasy was taking up more and more of her daily thoughts.

John was a little younger than Sam but was a a successful website developer. He also had a secret fetish that included making a woman so fat that she couldn't get out of bed. He had chatted with women about his fetish and even some women who shared his fetish but it was mostly hot video chat and it had never evolved into a face to face meeting.

After 20 minutes of video chat with John, Sam asked John if he'd really fulfill their fantasies and feed and fatter her up. Sam drunkenly intagonized John to prove it and offered to come over his house.

Now here she was standing in front of a house on a dark street and a light turned on. John opened the door and Sam was pleased to see that he was even better looking in person. Sam climbed the stairs up the door and stopped for a second. She had only talked to John maybe twenty times and he really had no idea who he was, this was thrilling but she should probably turn around and go home and masturbate. A second later she disregarded that thought and she walked through the door and John closed it behind her.

John was nice and they sat on his couch while they talked. He asked her if any of her family knew about her desires and what she was into. She explained that there wasn't one person in her life that knew anything about what turned her on so much. She couldn't help to think to herself how attractive he was and how hot it would be if he had tied her down and fattened her against his will. John asked her if she had ever thought about giving into her fantasies and actually gaining weight. Sam replied, "I'd never actually do it, I️ am too Honestly this is just fun to masturbate". Sam went on to say, "I mean this is the hottest thing I could imagine but it's just not realistic". John smiled and said, " well you never". Sam looked at John and said, "Since I'm here, maybe you could feed me, one time can't". John's eyes lit up and told her that he would be right back. A short time later John returned with a half gallon of ice cream. She nervously smiled and she said, "oh ice cream is too". As he sat down next to her he jokingly said, "Should I tie you up first?" Sam, was drunk and getting more tired by the second but she was so horny she pushed the issue and replied, "why don't you take me down your basement and tie me" John got up and said "follow me". Sam stood up and wanted to say that she was just kidding but she was so wet at the thought of him doing this that her body stood up and followed John before her mouth could say the words.

John's Basement was a finished basement. He had a huge couch with a big lounge at the end of the couch. Sam jumped on the lounge and now totally out of control said, "tie me up bad boy". John looked around and went into a room in the rear of the basement. He returned with zip ties and rope. He walked over to her and Sam had passed out.
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