chapter 1

Mia was 15 years old. She lived in England with her mother, father and big brother. They lived on the far end of a sad, depressing, lonely old street. Near the dodgy end.

Despite living in such a dull area, Mia's mum, Judy, was tall, blond, lean, and shone brightly. And her father, Tony, was a handsome, dark eyed hunk of a man. Mia's Brother, Ross, was also a good looker. With defined Abs and a good, hot looking face the three together would make an impressing family... that is..if it wasn't for Mia, Judy's and Tony's youngest child.

Mia wasn't ugly. That wasn't the problem. She had beautiful brunette silky hair, that was naturally wavy. Big green doe eyes, and a cute little plump face. But, her parents.. they always said that she could be a model!... if she was just about 90lbs lighter.

Since she was around 7 years old, Mia had always had a stutter. The doctor said that she would grow out of it as it wasn't a long lasting condition. But sadly, the small, petite figure she carried soon dissolved as Mia's classmates decided to start picking on her for the stutter. Mia was a quiet, shy, kind girl. But all the teasing hurt. She didn't know how to stick up for herself, so, as many kids do; she turned to food. By the time she was 10, she weighed around 125 pounds. Her classmates were roughly 108 - 112 pounds.

Of course the excess weight made the teasing 10x worse. And Mia's weight only got higher and higher and higher.

One time, when Mia was 11 she was quietly sitting at the back of her class, alone. Just a normal Monday morning for her, when her teacher miss Murphy singnalled for two nurses to come in, the class all looked over at the nurses who wheeled in a set of measuring equipment and a scale, but most of the kids where uninterested. Except Mia, who could already feel her stomach unfolding into twists. She looked around and was even more upset at how unbothered everyone else was.

"Okay class! Listen up! As part of are duty as educators, it's a new scheme of the curriculum to.. calculate your weight to make sure everyone stays nice and healthy. We're going to call everyone's names up and one by one please make your way to the class. We won't be reading out what your weight says so please don't worry. Everyone who isn't being weighed please continue on reading." The teacher said happily.

One by one each name was called out in alphabetical order, as each small child stepped off the scales Mia's heart race began to increase. She had realised she hadn't weighed herself in a while..

Soon the 'M's' came. She felt as if she was already turning red. Her uniform was way to tight on her which also complimented her thought on the fact she was getting heavier. About 3 minutes later she heard the dreaded words. "Mia, your turn."

Mia looked around, to see that practically half the class was watching her raise to her feet. She was slow to go towards the front of the class, hoping people would just stop looking. But they didn't.

"Miss mia, up you get please." One of the nurses said with a fake half smile, she signalled for Mia to get up on the scales, her heart was pounding. She hesitated but stepped up, closing her eyes shut tightly. Hoping it was a bad dream. There was a slight ore of silence, which made Mia redden.

"130!!!!! MIAS 130 POUNDS!" Mia suddenly jumped off the scales and looked behind her to see a boy, John West, possibly the most popular 11 year old, laughing hardly. He was near the scale, and as Mia stepped on he leaned in and had seen the numbers. Mia gulped and her cheeks were now coloured with a little red shine of humiliation as her classmates giggled. The teacher and the two nurses fell silent. They continued on by putting the measuring tape around her stomach and writing down the numbers. A couple of hot tears spilled from her blotchy eyes but the nurses just pretended they didn't see.

That particular event came rushing back into Mia's 15 year old mind as she was jogging round her high schools track. She looked up and saw the fastest kids miles away, followed by the kids who were just having a bad day, then followed by the kids who weren't overly athletic. Then came the kids who hated sports and either didn't put effort in, or just preferred to read a good book. - that wasn't Mia. Mia was practically being lapped by some people as she pulled her sweaty blubbery body as fast as she could possibly go. Her boobs fell up and down and her heart ached slightly, she could hear the sound of her own out of breath splutters and splurges. Her knees felt like they were on fire although even a 50 year old could easily lap her. Mia now weighed in at around 204. Her lard-packed belly wobbled and jiggled, the only thing at that time Mia was focussed on was keeping her shirt pulled in. The last thing she needed was for everyone to see her belly naked in the light of day.

"COME ON DAWSON!! GET THAT ASS MOVING NOW." Came the angry shout of Mia's hot male gym teacher, Mr Tennant. Lana tried desperately to pick up her pace but she felt as if she was slowing down if anything. The students had to do two laps, about 4 of the fastest runners had already long passed her and were about to go back and get changed. Mia turned back her head to see her worst nightmare running towards her.

Alice Farlane and Leah Becks.

They were two of the hottest girls in the whole school. Just behind them ran 3 boys and 2 other girls, all populars.

"Mia, mia hey!!" Shouted Leah with a grin as she ran up to her, Mia hung her head down and continued trying to run, her breathing loud as anything. She knew that her daily teasing was about to commence. First they were nice, to try and trick her, then they would pounce.

"Miaaaaaa!" Leah said in a teasing tone as the rest of them all caught up and ran beside Mia and Leah. Leah was waiting for Mia to answer. "Y.. yes??" She said slowly. These days she didn't stutter naturally, it came from fear.

"How are you! Hey, listen, me and the girls were wondering if you wanted to join us as this huge party tonight?" She said it nicely. But it was just an act mia knew all too well.

Mia didn't respond. She tried her hardest to run as fast as possible.

"I mean, we have some clothes you could... borrow? If you wanted? Oh! They're all sizes 1-4? Would that be okay Mia?"

She said, a little less 'nice' in her voice. Mia trembled and didn't reply, the only thing that could be heard was Mia's large takes of breaths and snickers from all around.

"Actually, what size are you mia? 10 or a 12?" She said louder.

Mia was a size 18, for everything. The girls all knew that, they just wanted to make her feel worse.

"Tell us what size you are piggy."

With that, Leah and everyone came to a hult. They all walked around her causing Mia to stop in her tracks. She was surrounded.

"P-p-please. L-leave me alone Leah.." Mia spluttered, fiddling with her fingers in front of her stomach.

"Just tell us, then we'll leave."

"I-I'm.. I'm a size 16." She lied timidly.

Everyone started laughing. One of the other girls who was taller then Mia grabbed the top of her PE top and pulled it a little. She screamed with laughter.

"SHES A SIZE 18!!!" She screamed out. Everyone laughed or smiled.

"Wow! Piggy why would you say you were a size 16? Are you ashamed of your weight? Do you wish you were skinny like everyone else?" Alice had chimed in, taking over. Genuinely Alice was the one Mia reacted too. She had way more dominance over Mia.

"Y-yes. I'm ashamed of my w-weight." She responded timidly, as the girls and boys all laughed harder, mia hung her head in shame, hoping she could just make the torture go faster.

"And?" Alice continued in a teasing tone.

"And... i wish i was skinny like e-everyone else."

"That's right piggy. But you will never be skinny okay? Piggy's like you are meant to be piggy's. Some day you're going to be a very happy hog!" Alice said.

Mia wasn't sure what she meant. But she felt hot all over as she watched as the group all ran off to finish their last lap. Mia still had to do the second one.

Mia started running again.
********************************************** **

In the changing rooms Alice and Leah stood next to each other, spraying their Purfume over their only slightly sweaty bodies and letting their high perfect pony tails hang down again.

"That.went.perfectly." Leah said with a grin.

"Yes but it's just the usual. Come on Leah! We've been planning this for about a year now. Remember when we first saw her. She was only about 150 compared to now!" Alice chimed in.

"Why did she move here again?" Leah said innocently, brushing through her highlighted blond hair.

"Her brother needed to move to a different college or something. She was bullied in her old high school i heard."

"Right." Leah replied.

Alice and Leah had eyed their victim for the very first time last year. They decided she would do perfectly. But it would take a while of course. Soon they figured she would naturally submit to Leah and Alice as they taunted her.

When they first started, it would be little things, like asking her if she was REALLY going to eat all that food on her tray, before walking away. Or making pig and cow noises as she waddled down the corridor. But now, their plan was slowly starting to take proper place. Alice would stop being horrible to her, which was easy seen as Alice and Leah really liked their kind, beautiful piggy. And Leah would take over just a little bit. They would only discreetly tease her so much so that Mia felt as thought she'd have to submit as these where the only friends she had. Soon Leah and Alice would have their cute little piggy. Soon.

Alice's parents where rich as anything, and 16 year old Alice had her own little house. It was like a rich persons shed. It had a lock and a key that belonged to her and in it she could do what she wished.
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