chapter 1

I was on the computer looking for work to get some money when an ad came up. It said "plus size women wanted" so i clicked on it because i'm a little fat but just a medium size potbelly. The ad takes me to a site call I scroll through the site I apply for the job. So then I get off the computer and grab a nice chocolate cake that was on the counter and start eating. As I ate I though to myself man I can't wait to see if i get the job.

The next morning feeling a little heavier I check my email to see if I got the job. They replied "we would like to interview you in a month we will be sending you as much food you would like.Then after that you will find out if you have the job in a month." well I said can't wait to start.

I ate in my bed for a month going from 163lb to 244lb gaining more and more weight. Then the doorbell rings I get up to go get it's the person who brought me all the food for a month and next to him was a tall man in a nice suit. I let them in and the man in the suit starts to talk to me about the job. Then he tells me to stand up so he can take some measurements. After that he pats my big soft belly and say"congrats you got the job. your pluswomens newest model." I jump up and down shaking the floor jiggling all around. The man gives me a laptop with everything set up and ready to go, a portable camera, and a number to call the company to send more food or money.

The next day I get up and start my first video of me playing with my soft 240 pound body eating cheese cake. Just watching my soft heavy belly jiggle all around with my giant boobs bouncing on top of it was so relaxing and fun. after I uploaded the video I try some weight gain shake recipes, I drink every one down into my huge stuffed belly. Then I lay down in bed with my giant big fat belly, boobs and butt jiggling around as i slowly fall asleep.

As I slept i felt my soft belly grow.......
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Bruinsean 6 months
It is a nice start to a story.
billy 6 months
What would you like to happen next leave a comment and Iíll pick the best one