love at first sight

chapter 1

Chapter 1

This morning, like so many others in recent weeks, has started off so perfectly that it takes a while to realize I'm not dreaming. My belly has grown heavy, and its heavier everyday. I am surrounded by soft pillows and blankets in a huge king sized bed, and I take up a bit more everyday. I look up and there she is, the love of my life.

"Morning Lazy," she greets with a pat of my belly. She is beautiful, honestly more beautiful than anyone I could have imagine, inside and out. I care for her deeply, and she seems to reciprocate the feeling. She is on top of me, like so many mornings, her legs spread wide to accommodate my girth as she straddles my belly. Her hands placed on top, gently massaging it. Her touch is so warm and loving and I cant help the small moans that escape my lips. She smirks, leans close, and plants a firm and loving kiss on my lips. Every kiss with her feels like an eternity, and I never want it to stop. I place my hands on her voluptuous thighs and pull her closer, as best I can. She lets out a small yelp of surprise and gives me her signature look, oh how I love that look.

"Oh? Someone feeling frisky this morning? Well too bad, after last night I'm gonna need some rest, but you mister," She gives my belly a playful poke before helping me to a sitting position, "I'm sure need to replenish your energy. After all, pleasing lady like me is hard work," She leans in close, our noses almost touching, "but how lucky am I that you are up to the task?". She giggles and gives my neck some small kisses as I grab her waist and pull her close. Moments like this make the world stop, when I'm this close to her and never want to be anywhere else. I can't help it, I tell her I love her, as I always have. Her response used to be playfully dismissive, but lately I'm beginning to think shes feeling the same way.

She pauses briefly, stares into my eyes deeply and flashes me a big smile. "I love you too, fatty," she giggles a bit, obviously teasing me in the best of ways. "We better get you something to eat, how about you clean up and meet me downstairs in a bit, ok?"

"Try and stop me," I reply back with a smirk as she grabs one final chunk of my belly before heading downstairs. I admire her form as she leaves, everything about her is perfection. She purposefully exaggerates her shimmy, she knows I'm looking, and she wants to make sure I get an eye full. I heave my ever swelling form out of bed and waddle to the bathroom. My mind races and all I can think about is her. She probably saved my life and she probably doesn't even know it.
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Csmith 6 months
Very sweet. Nicely written
Built4com4t 6 months
Brilliant vignette...well done!