adding the pounds

chapter 1

Sammy and Ally walked into school. As seniors and both 18, they were free. Sammy was a thin girl with short blonde hair and small boobs. Ally was curvy and short with giant boobs, a thick ass, and a bloated stomach 24/7. Since Sammy was so popular, no one dared to make fun of Ally. Sammy and Ally were the cutest couple in school. Sammy always bought food for Ally, and Ally always finished it all for Sammy.
You see, Sammy was in love with fat, but not on herself. Her parents made it very clear that if she became to fat for their likings, they would but her under strict diets. Ally's parents, on the other hand, were obese and loved eating. They encouraged Ally to eat more than she could handle, and made extra fatty foods for their growing girl to eat. Sammy and Ally were a perfect match.
After school, Ally and Sammy went over to Ally's house. Ally's dad was sitting in his gigantic recliner, munching on a gigantic cheeseburger (with at least 20 others on his left, sitting on his rolls.) with Ally's mom sitting on the couch, eating a bag of pork rinds the size of herself.
They were at least 500 hundred pounds by now, only getting up to use the bathroom, which was only 5 steps away. They had a assistant to help them, ordering foods hourly so they were never hungry.
Ally and Sammy said hi and went into Ally's room. It was a feedee paridise. Fridges and cupboards full of food, with a scale on the bed to monitor her weight gain. She was almost 300 pounds, making Ally and Sammy aroused.
"Hey Sammy?" Ally asked, slurping a weight gain shake down. "You should move in with us. Feed me all you want."
Sammy smiled and rubbed Ally's ever growing belly. "I already asked yesterday along with your parents. They both said yes."
Ally jumped up and down. "Thank god! I'm never gonna get fat enough with out you!" She smiled. "Sammy, feed me."
Sammy grabbed a box of donuts and started stuffing them down Ally's throat, making sure that Ally could breathe in the sweet air of the frosting.
This stuffing went on until dinner, where Ally's stomach was tight as a drum. But Ally was still hungry. With Sammy's help, Ally waddled down into the living room, where all types of food was waiting.
"Well well girls." Ally's mom smiled. "I see you've been having fun."
Ally nodded as she dove into the food. She gulped down all the weight gain shakes, forcing herself to get every last bite down. When Ally felt too tired, Sammy shoved the food into Ally's mouth, coaxing her to eat more.
5 hours later, Ally was stuffed. Her and Sammy went back upstairs to weigh.
"359!" Sammy shouted. She hugged Ally, massaging her big stomach.
Ally looked at her. "Will you stay with me until I'm fatter than my parents?"
Sammy smiled. "Of course, my big girl. You're mine."
They flopped on the bed, Ally slurping down some more weight gain shakes while Sammy massages her belly.
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I see potential! please continue!
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