natalie's weight gain

chapter 1

18 year old Natalie sighs as she looks outside her window at her rainy yard. "Guess I won't be walking today." She says to herself, rising from her sitting position. Her 112 pound body does this easily. While moving over to her half-read book, she hears her phone buzz. She reads the text in her head.

Tom: Hey Nat, want to go to the pizza place with us?

Natalie: Sure. I'll be there soon.

After texting back to Tom, Natalie puts on her raincoat and hops in her car. The drive to the pizza place is very relaxing, with the rain beating on her windshield like music. Once she gets there, she is greeted by Tom, Paul, and Lilith. Tom is very strong, with a tall figure. Paul is your average male. And Lilith is beautiful weighing 108 poundsb with black hair and big breasts. Natalie wishes she had those big breasts. Hers were decent sized, but definitely not as big as Lilith's. The four ordered medium onion rings, small fries, and 4 large pizza's. "You're crazy." Natalie said.
"We'll each have 1 pizza to bring home." Tom answered.
"Guess you're right. I'll just give mine to someone else."
"Suit yourself."
The four sat down to eat. They all began taking their first bites and started conversation.
"How have you all been?" Paul asked.
"Great! The New York Giants are really doing good this year!" Tom answered.
"Good enough. My fellow workers are definitely hard to handle." Lilith noted.
"I've been good. Although there's been quite some rain recently. Makes walking more difficult." Said Natalie. They continued speaking and eating. Natalie took her pizza home, forgetting to drop it off at her other friend's house. She eyed the pizza all night, fantasizing of eating and eating until she grew immobile and covered in fat. Finally she fell to sleep. It was dark when she woke up. What time is it? She wondered to herself. She looked over at her digital clock. 12:21 it said. Somehow though, Natalie was still hungry. She got up, still in her bra and panties, and went downstairs for a salad. But it wasn't a salad that caught her eye. It was the large pizza from last night. Without thinking, she put the pizza in the microwave and heated it. She sat down on the couch with the whole large pizza and took a bite. Flavor exploded into her mouth, making her taste buds water. She took another bite. And another. And another. Grease dribbled down her chin as she finished her first slice. She began biting into her second. Then her third. Her belly was expanding slowly with every slice she ate. She grabbed a jar of chocolate she had hidden from her view so that she wouldn't eat them. She bit into a chocolate and the flavor filled her taste buds. Before she knew it, she ate all of the chocolate. Natalie laid back on the couch. Her poor belly was badly bloated. Her womanhood was wet with arousement. She fell asleep shortly after.
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QuebecFA 5 months
I am really loving the story! Please continue! :-)
Very hot - I love the sheer sensuality of eating and stuffing.
Lucas 6 months
it's a really good start.
I can't wait to read about her continuing gain.
fatchance 6 months
Excellent Start! Keep it up!