star athlete becomes lazy big girl (**updated 11/30**)

chapter 1

Maeve had always been incredibly athletic. Not sure where her athletic ability had come from, no one in her family was particularly gifted in that realm. However, she was a natural at almost any sport she picked up. As a little girl, she did gymnastics, basketball, softball, track and field, volleyball...but her true love was soccer.

She was an incredible soccer player, playing on elite traveling teams, breaking school records in high school, and eventually going on to play soccer in college. Throughout this time, because she was so active, she never gave much thought to what she was eating. She was working out twice a day between lifting and practice or games. It didn't matter how many calories she was taking in, Maeve was burning them off easily.

As she continued on through college, playing soccer year round and continuing to earn accolades, she watched as her older sister went from average to very chubby (if you're being generous) and downright fat (if you're being honest). Her sister had always been thicker than Maeve, as she wasn't an athlete, but college and graduate school really did some damage. By the time her sister, Jamie, was 25 she'd grown from a size 6 to a size 14. Maeve would look at the thick belly she'd grown and her double chin and be even more grateful for her athletic ability and her lean legs and flat stomach.

If only she knew then what she was going to learn in the not so distant future.

Maeve had always planned on continuing her education once she finished college. She was an excellent soccer player, but she knew she couldn't make a real career out of it as she wasn't at the level of the National Team players. Her senior year, once soccer ended, she found herself at a bit of a crossroads. Her boyfriend, Max, was moving to Pennsylvania from North Carolina for a job, and he wanted her to move to Philadelphia with him. She agreed, and decided to apply to law schools in the Philadelphia area, eventually being accepted to Temple University. Together they moved from their warm and sunny home states to the unknown of the Northeast.
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QuebecFA 5 months
I really am loving this story! I eagerly await Chapter 13! :-)
Observer10 6 months
Excellent pacing - would like to see more of Max's appreciation. His FA tendencies are obvious but down played thus far.
Jazzman 6 months
The end of chapter was particularly provocative .Can't wait to watch the holiday gains
HalcyonDaze 6 months
This is a good start, and much better-written than most. Continue.
scoooter 6 months
Yes a great Story!
To be continued?
Jazzman 6 months
Great story! Fabulous writing and a Wonderful Plot
riptoryx 6 months
This is a fun premise! > ; )