chapter 1: in class

I sat in class, done with the test we had two hours for. With an hour left in the period, I lazily checked out my professor, Mr. K, as I do every day. He was standing at the front of the room, a couple feet away from me. The sheer size of the man enticed my gaze longingly. He had just picked up my paper and was making sure nobody was cheating. When he was done looking around the room, he walked back to his desk.
His belly jiggled with every step of the way, his belt partly hidden as his gut hung a little. I strategically sit where I can see his body fully behind the desk.
As he sat his belly bulged so much I saw little diamonds of flabby skin between the buttons of his formal shirt. He is what I would guess to be around 270 pounds.
I notice he struggles to reach down at his feet to get something and sets it on his desk. It's a large bag from Burger King.. He reaches again, another big bag. I see him sort of heavily breathe. I try to conceal my amazement in this excess of food he seems to have. I cannot keep my eyes off of him as he quietly opens them up and sets down everything inside.
I stare in awe as he now has 4 huge burgers; what looks like 2 huge frylovers and 2 bacon kings, 2 boxes of 20 piece chicken nuggets, and 4 large fries. He opens a cabinet under the desk and pulls 2 cans of cream soda out. "The fatty wants the extra sugary soda, hmm? God damn this is a fucking feast." I feel myself get wet, I'm extremely horny at this point. He slowly rubs his belly, which is resting about a half a foot on his lap. It doesn't quite reach far enough to cover the seam in between his legs.
He starts eating. He's not entirely clean about it either. He looks like a hungry piggy. After quickly finishing the first frylovers burger he has some ketchup stains on his mouth and has sauce on his hands, which he sucks off. He opens a can somehow quietly and takes 3 heavy gulps of the calorie-laden drink. He stuffs a couple handfuls of fries into his gaping maw. He raises a bacon king burger to his lips, and takes a monster bite. "Such a hungry man this morning.." I say to myself. I swoon over his gluttony so early in the day. It's only 10:15, I can only imagine what he's gonna eat later today. In between chewing, he drinks more of the soda. He then opens up a box of nuggets and slathers 2 with barbeque sauce, then eats them both at the same time. The flavors he's experiencing are surely orgasmic and have to be enjoyable for him. He continues mixing these foods until he only has 2 burgers and a soda left, as well as 2 containers of fries. He leans back in his soft chair and sighs heavily. I can assume he should be getting full by now, but he's only halfway done with the meal. He seems like he's used to this.
He slowly stands up, using the desk as leverage since his gut has become so heavy and full of fatty treats. He announces to the class that they only have 40 minutes left to finish the test. He sits back down, his chair creaking as he does so. He digs right back in just as quickly as he did when he started. The fries are practically inhaled, with some gulps of the soda. Then he moves back to the burgers and by the time he's halfway through the last one, he's slowly taking bite after bite and chewing thoroughly. With the help of soda he finishes the last bite. He stared at the nuggets for a while, seemingly contemplating if he should push himself to eat them or not. He rests for a bit. He relaxes, stretching a little and then he raises his arms and moves his hands behind his neck in that classic chill position.
After a couple minutes of him taking a break he finishes the nuggets one by one, absolutely covering each one in sauce of course. With the last nugget he chugs the rest of the soda. Now with empty bags and cans all over his desk, the neat freak inside of him really wants to throw all of it away.
But there's one problem: The trash can is all the way across the room.
He sighs. He pats his tummy carefully. I really have the desire to just pick it all up and throw it out for him so he doesn't have to disturb the contents inside his full belly. But I also have the desire to watch him painfully take each jiggly step. I decide to just sit and watch. He forces himself up, and painfully walks across the room with garbage filling his arms. I hear his very soft grunting as he walks, or rather as he waddles. He sits down and a final heavy grunt escapes his lips.
The rest of the class I fantasize about fucking him. His sluggish thrusting, round belly bouncing. I could see myself fingering deep into his belly button as he cums. By the time the bell rings, I have worked myself up with thoughts of having sex with this large gluttonous man.
I'm feeling daring. I wait outside of the class, seeing if he is done being at the college for the day. Thankfully he is done with his work for that day apparently. It is the last day before the 4 day Thanksgiving break, after all. I really want to make my move as he walks out of the class. Inconspicuously, I say hi to him and we chat a little - talking about the class. "Yeah, I'm just glad we have the next couple of days to chill out and eat tons." I say, giggling a little.
"Everyday I eat like it's Thanksgiving so it won't be much of a difference for me!" He says heartedly. I start to blush, but work up courage to say "Are you doing anything with family for the break?"
He responds with "No actually. They live a couple states away, only for longer breaks I go up there to see 'em. What about you?"
"Hmm, I'm in the same situation. I'm gonna be alone for the break. That means we should enjoy the free time we have. How do you feel about going to lunch with me at 1?" I said, hoping for the best.
He was a bit surprised but he seemed cool about it. "That would be great~ Here's my number. I've had my eye on you, you're the most beautiful girl I've seen, no doubt."
I can't believe he is interested in me. It's taken lots of conversations with him after school, and lots of participation to attract his attention and get him comfortable with me. "How can I not be interested in such a handsome, obviously extremely intelligent man? I'll text you when I get there."
"1 pm sharp, okay? I know you won't be late, unlike half of those middle schoolers who call themselves adults."
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trailfa 4 months
What an amazing story, his greed mixed with your lust getting him stoned and stuffed...makes me hungry, wishing I was on a cruise with a bunch of edibles.
Built4com4t 5 months
csmith nailed it. loving it, what a treat ... maybe less of the stuffing and more of the sensual mutual exploration if you're thinking of continuing, but otherwise 2 chubby thumbs up so far.
More than 100 views an hour for nearly a day!
You have evidently written something much-appreciated.

Again, thanks.
What a delightful story!

And so well-written!

Thanks for sharing your story and your talents.
Just finished, gluttony is very hot . . . and a cruise which is pig out city. Keep writing!
Sorry for all these goddamn comments on my own post. There is such a short limit on characters here! Thank you so much for the encouragement to both of you! It took forever to write this, I appreciate your kindness♡
And, Csmith, he's big but he's not "that" big. Considering my experience with someone who weighs 230 and someone who weighs 300 I definitely know he is somewhere in between.
Idk why this site won't let you directly send replies. To Csmith, this man is not very tall. Maybe 5'6" Also, since the male model I am basing this story off of is someone I barely know in real life, I could be wrong.
You're all good- keep writing!
Csmith 5 months
I love it but you are describing a man fatter that 270. This guy sounds likes he's about 320
Great writing. Very hot