"the more you eat..."

"...the fatter you get..."

"And the fatter you get, the more you eat."

I used to think this was just an oversimplified stereotype.
Even when my wife was already so obese she was off some weight charts, and enjoyed eating and being fat, she had a really modest appetite. A plate of dinner, a little soup.
And then...something just happened!

She started eating more and more- and eating faster and faster too like she was just desperate to fill herself up. She had a small appetite, but now she truly gorges and stuffs herself like a genuine glutton!

She doesn't eat dinner at home like "normal women" anymore.

Too fat for the dining table, she sits in front of the TV on the floor, legs spread open so her gut can hang comfortably down to the floor.
She hasn't stopped eating healthy foods. That's one stereotype that still isn't true.
For a woman that hungry, a simple green salad and at least two bowls of vegetable soup just make a nice prelude to the rest of her meal! I fill her plate and bowl for her so she doesn't have to haul her heavy body up and waddle to the kitchen when she wants a second helping...and then a third helping. I'll start putting food from my plate onto hers sometimes so she can have fourths if she gets really famished.

She's stuffed her fat belly so much she's tired from eating now, with a glazed look in her eyes, a sweet happy smile on her face, and both hands playing with her swelling love handles. She speaks slowly and softly, pausing to pant a little.

"Honey ... I'm so obese I can't stop eating ... I'm pregnant with food ... BURP! ... Uggh, I overate again ... I feel so full!
Do we have any ice cream?"

Of course we do, I knew she'd need some. Pudding too!
"Yayy! You're the best husband in the world!"

She used to eat one portion of dessert after dinner. Then two, then three. I bring all the flavors to her so she can choose without having to get up.
"I want them all right now!" she says, snatches them all out of my hands at once, and stuffs her face so fast she's done in mere seconds, before I can realize she's already finished.
When she was a little less gluttonous, she would eat them one at a time. Not anymore!

At this point, she's really drowsy.
"Ohh...I'm really sleepy...Darling, is it all right if I take a nap? I'm worried I might get fat..."

"Baby," I tell her.
"It's way too late for that! You're already so helplessly obese! Here, you've got some food on your cheeks and chin. And your breasts too! I'll get that for you. Now get some beauty sleep. It must be hard work, being so huge and hungry."

She giggles, then falls asleep right there on the floor surrounded by empty ice cream cartons and dirty dishes. Her rolls and folds of flesh swell all around her in every direction. I clean up after her. She needs her "fat nap" so her body can get right to work converting all that delicious food into more of her.

The word "pamper" used to mean to overfeed someone and stuff them with food. That definitely describes my swollen bloated bride, pampered like an obese, gluttonous princess.
The way her appetite suddenly got so insatiable was a little shocking, but also makes me proud of her. I enjoy working to keep my bouncing ball of ladyblubber well-fed.
And she told me it's like a girl's dream come true, feeling more beautiful and loved the more of her favorite foods she eats, instead of trying to fight her appetite and get petite to impress me.

Some women worry about whether their husbands will get disgusted and leave them if they "let themselves go."
Some women worry about whether their husbands bought them enough dessert to last the night!
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In Osaka they have a saying,
"Kuidaore"- meaning something like "Eat until you fall over!"
We're lucky to live in the city Japanese people have called "the world's kitchen" for centuries!

The food budget is nothing; we can get local meat for literally pennies a pound, and ice cream for less than a buck a serving!

In Osaka they have a sayi
Hot! Thanks for sharing.