chubby pet

chapter 1: speaking out loud and preparing

Ethan relaxed at his master's feet smiling to himself as he was petted by his Dom, Harris. He moaned softly feeling his large hand move through his sandy blonde curls and imagined him doing the same on his imaginary stomach and love handles. "I wish I was big..." he muttered

"What was that pet?" Harris asked in a commanding tone pulling his face up "Ethan I heard you mumble you know how much i hate that" he growled when he saw Ethan try and protest. "Don't you dare lie now tell master everything you said word for word"

Ethan whimpered softly nodding not wanting to make his master any madder "i said...i wish i was fat big..." he had tears in his eyes scared of how his master would react to this sudden news

Harris pulled Ethan up to his lap "pet is that it? You wish to become a little piggy?" He laughed leaning back in his recliner "your so stupid why not tell me before? I've been dying to see you fat needing me to help you with even basic things" He kissed him deeply purring

Ethan held onto his master kissing back "you want me big too?.." he giggled happily cuddling into him "i wanna start now! Can we master? Pretty please?" He asked batting his long eyelashes up at him.

Harris nodded in approval of his baby's willingness and excitement "alright sexy baby but we'll need to prepare some things" he kissed him once more before picking him up "first by running to the store for a few ingredients~"

Ethan held onto his master as he was carried down to his car and closed his eyes as he drove to the nearest supermarket "i love you master... so so much..."

Harris smiled hearing that "i do too baby now get your strength up you'll need it for later" He drove down parking in the lot before getting out holding his baby close and grabbed a cart "Ethan wake up now I'll need your help to pick out fatty treats you want"

Ethan woke up groggily looking around the store "ok master..." he rubbed his eyes and smiled as he saw master putting cartons pf heavy cream, whole milk, tubs of lard and heavy whip creams "i wanna get chocolate sauce too!" He giggled "And lots of cakes!"

Harris nodded "good thinking baby boy" he grabbed a few bottles of chocolate sauce and small cakes of all kinds. The cart was soon full of fatty amd heavy calorie foods. When they got to the register the clerk smirked and handed him a tub of fast acting weight gaining powder "use this it works wonders"

Harris nodded "thank you sir" he payed for it all and carried Ethan and the bags to his car setting them all in neatly "now little one~ lets get ypu home and fed~"
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psh159753 7 months
Awesome! Looking forward to see it happen.
XD i will as soon as time allows
MangaBL 7 months
Write more of these!!
I hope Ethan gets too BIG to move his own head!!!