chapter 1- big girl

'Sorry I'm late.' Anna panted breathlessly,waddling into the lecture theatre, her huge flabby thighs fighting hard against each other with every laboured step. The professor watched her beginning to the struggle up the steps of the lecture theatre heaving her hefty frame upwards, her hands pulling on the desks for help.

'Perhaps you should sit at the front instead of disturbing us all.' The professor snapped gesturing to the empty front row. He was pleased to see her face squirm when she realised the whole class of over sixty other students​ were now watching her jiggle and pant her way down the steps to the front.

Professor Paulson began the lecture again but watched her intensely,observing how every inch of her blubbery body quivered as she moved.The creak of the seat as she sat down sent a pleasurable shiver through his body. He moved behind the lectern to hide his throbbing erection. The industrial strength seats were groaning under her mammoth weight. He paused, changing slides, admiring briefly how her soft thighs now spread across almost two seats. Her soft inner thighs forcing her knees apart like she was waiting for him. He longed to be between them.

Anna was phenomenally bright a factor that had first captivated his initial interest in the chubby first year. Every week since for two years he'd admired her, watching her expand slowly over the semesters. At first he'd been disgusted by her constant snacking but he'd grown to adore it. He was excited just waiting to see where the new extra pounds had gone to each week. Her soft pale fat had filled out her every inch from her new double chin to her distended gut. Her thick chubby wrists creased around her hand as she held her pen, taking thorough notes on his every word.

Professor Paulson paused again, waiting for the class to finish taking notes. Paulson found himself drooling as he watched her huge arms, hung with fat all the way to her wrists jiggling violently as she took notes. Her belly and breasts oozing up over the desk. He fantasised about the chair collapsing beneath her. Anna looked up at him, her bright blue eyes fixed on his own ruggedly handsome face, attentively waiting for the next insight. She was so sweet and innocent. Her pale face framed by thick wavy auburn hair and her height, which was slightly above average although a lot shorter than himself, gave her the stature of a rounded fertility goddess. The room seemed to shake whenever she entered.

Paulson was over twenty years her senior having just turned 45, he was a tall man with broad shoulders and muscular physique, hidden under a smart tweed suit. Anna was in her early twenties, which was part of the excitement, watching someone so young grow so large. He wondered how big she would be in ten years if she had the right guidance....his guidance. Paulson's good shape and handsome looks were largely down to his wife's insistence that he attend a gym and eat only the healthiest food. One of Anna's deliciously thick calves were as thick as his wife's waist and he knew, just from looking, that any one of Anna's bulging belly rolls was twice as heavy as his wife's whole body. Since he'd found Anna he could barely think of anyone else, during sex he wished only to feel her fat rolls rippling and crashing against him.

Suddenly a smell caught his attention, across the room he saw she was scoffing a large McDonald meal she'd snuck into the lecture. She alway snacking but this was a first, she was sitting in the front row stuffing greasy handfuls of fries down her throat, covering the front of her tight white tank top with crumbs, and grease stains; some food even falling between the fleshy oversized udders that made her breasts. As soon as she finished the first meal she started on a different one from another takeaway, this time pizza slices. He counted three whole meals she stuffed herself with over the course of an hour. It was like she was teasing him. He longed to be feeding her giant mouthfuls of fattening treats while watching her full belly getting bigger and more bloated with every bite. He grazed his erection against the lectern in frustration.

The professor finished his lecture and sat down at his desk whilst the other students filtered out.

Anna was still eating her endless supply of food. He could hear her groaning with pleasure as she forced down another bite. Glugging down cola and an ice cream milkshake almost simultaneously. His could barely contain himself.

'Class has finished!' He snapped authoritatively, causing her to drop the last bite of a chocolate bar between her heavy breasts. She apologised timidly looking down at her books. He watched her intently as she struggled to reach over her own belly to pack her rucksack. Her fat arms hindering her even more as they dragged over her rolling sea of flab. She clearly began to sweat.

'Come on! I haven't got all day!' He shouted.

His sadistic side loved watching her elephantine body struggle with even the simplest tasks. So fat and helpless, like a beached whale. She took a heavy breath as she tried to stand. There was a loud creak and hefty thud as her blob like arse fell back on the seat. Gasping she looked sheepishly over at Professor Paulson. The professor gazed back in awe struck.

'I'm stuck.' She said quietly.

The Professor could help himself.

'Say that again. Piggy.' He said rising to his feet and striding over.

Anna blushed bright red. 'I'm..I'm stuck sir.'

'That's what you get for being such a fatty. Isn't it Piggy?' He said standing over her.

She nodded shyly causing her double chin to bounce.

'Do you need help, big girl?' He smiled.

She nodded again sending waves through her whole body.

'Beg for it Piggy.' Demanded the professor.

'Please sir. I need help.' She whimpered. Her whole face now covered in the pinkest hue of embarrassment.

The professor smiled. 'Good girl. I'll be gentle.'
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