abbie’s force fed dinner

dinner time

Emma, a tall brown haired girl, was making food for her roomate Abby, a chubby, short black haired girl, except today would be different.
"ABBY" Emma yelled from across their house, "I MADE YOU DINNER". Abby came down to see what was made only to find a massive spread of mashed potatoes, pork, ice cream, fudge, and a cake. "Wow Emma" said Abby, "this what were having for dinner", Abby slowly was craving that food more and more, knowing she was greedy. "Yes it's all for you", said Emma, "I'm not very hungry right not so how about you start without me, eat as much as you want". With those words Abby got in a chair and immediately dug in, starting on mashed potatoes, grabbing the plate she just shoved it in her mouth from the plate like a pig. Emma came back from the door with two pizzas to add to the spread, "in case your hungry Abby", she smiled, knowing it was all going to plan. Abby finished the mashed potatoes, only feeling a little full, with a lot of space left. Abby then began on a pizza, eating two slices at a time and just shoving it in her greedy mouth. She did this with the other pizza then continued to eat pork, just grabbing it and eating straight from the dish, after this Abby was rubbing her belly, but continued to eat a tub of ice cream. After that Abby slowly ate a second tub of ice cream, and dropped the tub, rubbing her belly, now that it was full. "What, you full now piggy, well there's still more to eat" said Emma. "Ugh.. no too full to eat another bite" heaved abby. "Well" said Emma, "your going to finish this food, whether you want to or not". Abby's eyes were huge, she couldn't possibly be expected to eat a cake and more ice cream, with her belly able to dwarf a beach ball, and tight clothing ready to burst at the seams, but that was Emma's plan. Emma stood up next to Abby, spoon feeding her the ice cream. "MMM.. MHM, EMMA ... TWOO FWULL.." abby tried to say through the feeding. "What is my piggy too full, well that too bad, I'm gonna feed you till those clothes tear to pieces" Emma said maniacally. Abby was shocked at this, her belly was already huge and full, and her clothes were really tight on her thighs and belly. All Abby could do was sit there and eat as Emma fed her 3 tubs of ice cream, a tray of heavy fudge. Abby couldn't move, she was in too much pain and too stuffed. "EMMA, MM.. MHM.. TWOO FWAT.. TWOO MWUCH FWOOD" Abby said through this feeding.
"I'm going to feed you until there's no food here on this table Abby and nothing is going to stop me" said Emma. Abby was full and it hurt to eat, she was slowly expanding and her thighs were close to tearing her pants, and her belly was close to tearing her shirt. Emma began to feed her the cake, slice by slice, Abby whimpered trying to eat the slice of cake, and put it into her already full belly. After she almost finished the first slice. RRRRRIIIIPPPPP! Abby's thighs tore out of her pants and flopped out, now being free from her tigh pants."Well Abby" said Emma " I'm impressed your pants lasted this long, let's see if that shirt will last any longer". Abby's belly was bulging out from under her shirt and sitting in between her legs, Pushing against the table. Emma fed Abby two more slices of cake until... RIIIIIPPP! her shirt had torn and fat squeezed out of the whole it made in the shirts side. "Well, let's see if that shirt will survive 3 more slices". "EMMA, MMHM.. MM.. TWOO FWAT TWOO MWOOVE" said Abby, trying to get Emma to stop this. "Well I'm not stopping till you finish the cake piggy, open wide" said Emma, feeding her two more slices of cake and.. RRIIIIP Abby's shirt tore and was destroyed, it has torn down the side and no longer held on to her, just coviering her bra. Emma took off the shirt, "Well, I guess your belly really did tear apart all you're clothes, I guess you don't have to eat this last slice of cake" said Emma, to Abby's relief. "Ugh, What... urp did you.... do to... urp me Emma" muttered Abby. "Hey, I'm not the one who ate until they couldn't move, letting me feed you" said Emma smiling. "Have fun sleeping here since I know your not getting back up tonight, with a belly that big" said Emma laughing. All abby could do as sit there and moan, rubbing her belly trying to calm it down.
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tche 8 months
soooooooo hot, what a dream