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1. the most popular girl in school

"Breakfast, Freya!" Freya's mom called from downstairs. Freya groaned, she was still in bed. She rolled out of bed and looked at herself in the mirror. She had long, wavy, blonde hair and big, blue eyes. Her skin was fair and she was stunning to look at, she got gazes from all the boys in her school. She was 5 feet tall and weighed 131 pounds. She was a little chubby but no one seemed to mind, including Freya, she enjoyed the curves.

She rushed downstairs to the smell of waffles and bacon. A big plate of bacon, sausages and eggs waited for the hungry girl, there was another plate with a stack of waffles, she ignored her mom as she told her to stop coming downstairs only wearing underwear and a bra, she was busy scrolling through her schools chat group. Freya was the most popular girl in school. Her school went through trends and fads for a couple months and Freya would follow them all religiously. Her good looks, sense of humour and good social skills made her a favourite with most of her peers. She enjoyed being the most popular girl immensely, she was actually excited to go back to school after a long summer break. She had spent most of her holidays lazing around the house, Freya detested sports and didn't go to any clubs, she would only ever go out to hang out with her friends. She noticed she had gained a little weight but didn't care, she had a lot of self confidence and didn't care if someone thought of her as fat. One time a new kid had thought that, and told her so. But because she had so many followers, the newbie was beaten up at once by Freya's friends.

As Freya stuffed bacon into her mouth she scrolled through the posts her friends had made, one caught her eye. It was titled: "The New Fad!" and it had 200 likes, so Freya knew if she followed it, she would remain relevant and popular to her friends and followers. She read the thread quickly. Her eyes widened. Her friend Lucy had wrote this on the post:

"Curves are all the rage nowadays! Food gets your body looking sexier than ever! (@Freya for example :3) Eat up girls, unless you want to go dateless to prom ;)"

Freya thought for a few minutes about the post, was this really the new 'thing'? To purposefully make yourself fat? Freya smiled proudly that she had been tagged for how sexy she looked. She knew it, but it was always nice to hear. Freya was the only chubby girl in the school that was already popular. Most of her friends forced themselves to diet and exercise 24/7 and Freya always made them jealous when she ordered greasy, fatty foods at fast food places, and all her friends had rabbit food.

Freya didn't mind this new trend, she had never exactly been fat, and she'd never really thought about it. She got excited as she thought of how big of an ass she could get for all the boys to see. Her belly and other parts would grow, but she didnt care. She started eating breakfast faster, and when she asked her mom for a second helping, she was surprised but pleased. Freya's mom enjoyed making her daughter happy, Freya never had to do any chores around the house, and was allowed to do, and buy whatever she liked. Freya enjoyed the privileged life immensely.

A stack of pancakes and five sausages later, Freya decided to wear her favourite pair of jeans, she hadn't wore them since before summer break had started. She grunted as she struggle to pull up the now tight jeans. She eventually pulled them up and could only do up the button after sucking in her noticeably bigger gut, she had been getting bigger all summer and hadn't even realised it! She put on the shirt she had got recently at her favourite singers concert. Everyone was jealous of her shirt, someone even offered to buy it for $100! She noticed her shirt was a bit too small, her stomach pushed out of the shirt and rested on her jeans, giving the girl a cute muffin top, Freya couldn't help smiling, this was going to be fun!

"Freya, you look amazing!"
"I know right?! Thanks for picking me up!"
Freyas neighbour was her friend Alesha, Alesha was Freya's best friend in the whole world, the two girls couldn't go a day without at least messaging one another. Freya could tell Alesha saw the post, as she had cupcake frosting on her lips, whereas normally she wouldn't eat anything that wasn't green and tasted disgusting. Freya giggled to herself, imagine if all her friends got huge! Freya was glad she never bothered about her weight, because now she had a head start over everybody else. She hugged herself in glee, she couldn't wait to eat whatever she wanted and watch her belly grow!
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xFreya 2 months
@FA Guy

Glad people are still reading it! smiley
FA guy 2 months
Yay, glad to see this story still going.
i love this story!
I hope to see more of freya ;3
xFreya 4 months

She will smiley thanks for reading my story! I didn't know I'd get so much support smiley

xFreya 4 months

With the weight question, it will be explained in the next chapter! Thanks for reading
ccboi 4 months
This is adorable, I hope she gains a ton (literally smiley)
Needless to say, I hope to read more.
Jazzman 4 months
Just my two cents.How much did the very short Freya gain on break? What I meant about gaining rates:You'll see some who are excited by 6 lbs in a month.And others who can do 25 lbs in a month. Your plot is set up wonderfully.Can't wait for more!
Jazzman 4 months
This a real easy read and is well written. The premise has been done before bur it is usually a good plot. If you desire sone realism with your fantasy it would be great. Like looking at the gainer blogs and seeing the way varied rates that people gain.Ju
xFreya 4 months

Yes smiley
Is freya a senior? Good story so far.