chapter 4

Daniel ordered dessert for us both, he didn’t normally do that sort of thing but by now he obviously knew what I liked and disliked and if I was going to get more information out of him, I had no problem with him taking charge.

He ordered this totally decadent triple chocolate fudge cake with double cream, I’d never had it before but I had to admit that he knew how to pick a dessert, it was delicious.

“So?” I asked him between bites, “how is it that you find slim, toned, athletic me sexy but also...”

“Round, chubby, voluptuous Amber sexy as well?”

His bluntness caught me off guard and I blushed as I fed myself another mouthful.

“It’s simple really, you have more in common than you think.”

“We have things in common?!” I scoffed

“Absolutely, you’re both gorgeous, confident women who have great taste in men.”

I smiled and playfully kicked him under the table, I guessed that I wasn’t going to be getting the answers I was looking for, not tonight anyway.

“How do you like the cake? Sorry, how DID you like the cake?”

I was confused by his question at first but on glancing down I noticed that I had absentmindedly eaten the whole slice while we had been talking. “It was good, really good. In fact, I’d say it was the best cake I’ve ever eaten.” I told him truthfully.

“There’s something else you have in common with Amber, it’s her favourite too.”

I blushed at the notion that I and Dan’s ex were more alike than I originally thought, I wasn’t embarrassed, I don’t know what I felt. I wondered why he had bought me this cake that his ex had enjoyed so much, I wondered how many times he’d brought her here and how many of the other places we ate at. I had questions I wanted to ask him but he disarmed me with one of his own.

“Do you want the rest of my slice? It’s too rich for me and you looked disappointed to have eaten all of yours already.”

I shouldn’t have said yes, I’d already eaten way too much without really even noticing but I’d have been lying if I said that I didn’t want to finish his plate too. So, I did.

I didn’t realise how full I was until I got into the car, as I sat in the passenger seat every little bump in the road made me groan and clutch at my overfed tummy, “urgh, why did you let me eat so much?” I asked Dan.

“Let you? I wasn’t aware I was supposed to be monitoring your intake, plus it was you that greedily gobbled up the rest of my dessert.”

“I wasn’t greedy!” I tried to protest but as I did Dan hit a bump in the road and I let out the most unladylike burp!

I apologised profusely but Dan just laughed and told me he was used to much worse.

I wondered what he meant by that, did Amber often overeat? Would she sit in this very seat belching without a care? Was that the sort of confidence he found attractive?

I was quiet for the rest of the night, not that there was a lot left of it. Eating so much had left me feeling rather sleepy but I was still thoughtful about the day’s events. As we lay in bed cuddled up, I couldn’t help but think about her. Her belongings in the wardrobe, her favourite chocolate cake, she’d probably slept exactly where I was lying right now with these same arms around her, hugging her lovingly. His big strong hand on her big belly.

On my belly! In his sleep Dan’s hand had rested on my swollen middle and he rubbed and squeezed it so gently. I had to admit it felt really good but I’d have to talk to him about this, I had no intention of making this a regular occurrence.
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PrincessBlurmy 3 years
@Shammyboy I added chapter 3 today because I had some free time.
Shammyboy 3 years
Is this getting an update?
Fatchance 3 years
Great story so far!
PrincessBlurmy 6 years
I will be continuing it eventually yes but it has fallen down the list of priorities i'm afraid.
Ulvrik 6 years
Love it! this is a really good and inspirering story smiley
Theswordsman 6 years
Reminds me of bluebeard definitely enjoying it.
Jazzman 6 years
I read the rewrite and it looks great! This story is going to Rock
PrincessBlurmy 6 years
Thanks for the heads up Jazzman, didn't know that was an outdated term and now I do.
Updated and hopefully no offence was taken as none was intended.
Thanks once again.
Jazzman 6 years
Very nice! This has a World of potential. I would suggest that cross-dresser was the word you were searching for when you put transvestite.Just sayin'.
Can't wait for more.
Jktab 6 years
very interesting start, i hope you continue