change of life

stress eating

April ended, May begon. Graduating was getting close what means the end of a life, end the start of a new life. James is an athletic boy, and a senior from High School.
He always had a sweeth tooth, but because he has been playing basketball in his town, two times a week for thirteen years he always kept his frame thin. James was 6'1 ft tall, and 135 lbs.

At the end of may, it was the last match of the season, and for james this meant that it was the last match at his basketball club. James loves playing basketball, but because he was graduating, this meant he is moving to another town for college. It was weird that this was his last game, but he figured he will be playing in a college team soon. " I will go to the gym this summer" he taught.

After the last match, the last tests of the year were nearby, so it was time to study. Because he want to graduate with good results, it was two weeks no-time studying. Still living with his parents, he asked his mother to stack the house with his favourite snacks and candy, so he can eat good while studying. He didn't like it, but he had no time to go to the gym.
Everyday he stressed a little bit more about the test, everyday he was eating a little bit more. He didn't go out of the house, so he was only wearing strechpants.

The night before the test, james couldn't sleep so he got out of bed. He had a weird feeling in his stomach, but couldn't place it wat it was. Untill he realized he really wanted some food! It must be the stress he thought. It was a good thing he booked a vacation with his friends after the tests, celebrating the summer vacation. Because he was hungry, he was turning on the frying pan, and pulled out a 500 lbs sack of fries out of the fridge. After eating everything, he was more stuffed then he ever was, and he sleeped amazing.

When he Waked up, he felt nervous. He put on his strechpants and he went tot he Kitchen to eat Breakfast. His mother had made his favourite and usual. 2 Sandwiches and a cooked egg. He eat his breakfast while talking to his mother about the tests. When his plate was empty he realized he was still Hungry.

"Mum, can i get anoher sandwich?" James said.

His mother was surprised " Sure honey, but why? Normally you are completely full after this breakfast?"

" I am still hungry, Must be The Nerves. Can I maybe have two more sandwiches, i am really hungry..
"Sure honey, it's a big day for you"

When he was eating, his third sandwich he eat easily, but he struggled with his forth. He didn't know why, but his mind said that he must eat all of it. After a little struggle he finished his breakfast and went upstairs with a Stuffed belly to change his strechpants for jeans for the first time in two weeks.

He has to search for a few minutes but finally found a normal pair of jeans. He was putting his pants on but right away he felt something strange.

His pants felt really tight arounds his thights, and when it came up to his but he had to jump a few times to get his pants over it. Weird, James thought, this never happend before. He (thought) he buttoned his pants with out thinking about it and went down stairs.

When he walked in the kitchen, his mother looked at him weirdly.

"What's wrong?" Asked James.

" Well, your pants is not buttoned?"

When james looked down he was embarrased, not only his button of his pants weren't buttoned, also his belly was sticking out a little. He tried buttoning it, but he realized this was harder then he thought. He had to hold in his breath, and after a few times, he finally accomplished. His pants were buttoned, but feeling extremly thight.

"Did you wash my pants wrong Mom? "James asked?

" Maybe i did honey" His mom said, but she thought: " Maybe you just had one sandwich to many"

To be continued
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Aquarius64 2 months
I like this story, so I persisted to the end, but the spelling is abysmal! Even a basic spell checker would have helped. For future reference, thight is spelled ‘tight’. There is no such word as waked in the context that you mean. It should be ‘I woke up’
Great story! I hope james get's a lot fatter!!
Thanks so much!
Bbman26 6 months
I so don’t care about your English, this story is great!
You tell this story quite well. Don't worry about your English. This kind of thing will only make it better. Thanks for sharing this story.
otherland78 7 months
Lovely story despite the sad ending that he got toft for this lovely girl smiley
Po123 7 months
Great please continue
I realise that my english isn't great, but i am trying my best to make as less mistakes possible.