introduction to the family

chapter 1 : introduction

Ben is a beautiful young man, who is just 20. He has brown hair. And, he met a beautiful blonde woman, Sandra, who has the same age. But, there is a particularity between them, Ben is a tall skinny guy, and Sandra is a beautiful BBW. Ben is a 160 lbs guy, and Sandra a 300 lbs girl.

After 5 months in couple, Sandra took the decision to introduce Ben to her family. Ben never saw Sandra's family, even on a picture. Sandra was pretty secret about it, she never talked about it.

And finally, the day of the introduction comes, Ben was totally in stress, he wasn't prepared and Sandra didn't give him advices to how he has to approach her family. She just said to him, that she has a sister who is 18 years old.

When he opens the door, he has a huge surprise. Sandra isn't the only fat member of her family, in fact, every member of her family is morbidly obese.

Her dad, Robert, is probably 450 lbs. He is bold and pretty tall.
Her mother, Harriet is probably 275 lbs. She has beautiful blonde curly hair.
And, her sister, Lisa is probably 250 lbs. She is blonde, like her mother and sister.

All of them, get up with difficulty, from their own chairs, when Ben and Sandra enter. All their bellies waddle due to the movements they make.

Robert says : "Finally, we can see you. But Sandra didn't tell us, that you are a very tall guy."

"And beautiful" adds Harriet.

Ben smiles, but he don't know, that this family will ask him to change his body forever, if he wants to be part of it.

An hour later, the family and Ben is eating, around a huge table. Every person, except Ben, has his chair far from the table to give a little space of his belly. The family has a lot of questions about how Ben and Sandra met, what is the job that Ben wants to do, etc...

Before the dessert comes, Robert becomes more serious : "Well, Ben, it's time to talk seriously. You love my daughter right ?"

"Yeah, totally" says Ben, watching Sandra, who answers him by a smile.

"Well, I think you notice the fact, that our family, is pretty a fat one, right ?" continues Robert. "And it's important for us to keep it that way, because there is no discrimination in our family. So, if you want to stay with Sandra, you will have to change."

"What do you mean by that ?" says Ben.

"You must be fat like us" answers Robert.

First, Ben thinks it was a joke, but no one laughs.

"Come on, honey, it will be great" says Sandra. "If you love me, I ask you to join us in ours fat lives.

Ben loves so much Sandra, but at the cost of losing his shape ? Finally, he just thinks, that he can do that the more slower possible, and maybe cheats with the pounds. He thinks he will be smarter than this family, so he decided to answer :
"Ok, I'll do that for you" .
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Bruinsean 5 months
This is a nice story. A small suggestion: Have the wife compete with him for size or eating.
I really love this. I want to see how fat Ben gets. Keep writing!